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The following two letters I received last night and they got to me with respect to my emotions. Aside from writing two each of these men a simple thank you I feel it is not enough, but what more can I say. I hope you will understand why I feel as I do about these letters when you have read them.

Dear Jerry,

I don't usually write notes to owners of companies, however I certainly will in this case !

I started out as a fan of Wiggy's since I was gifted what I believe was an early Wiggy's bag when I was stationed in Europe from 1987-1991. I had a friend who ran a Life Support Unit, he said that the sleeping bag was one that was vacuum packed into the seat pack. I had complained to him that the issue arctic down bag with a cotton cover was miserable to sleep in, he gave me a bag that was surplus (It was a non-down filled bag with a nylon cover) This was pre-Internet days so I'm unsure of its origin. I slept warm wherever my military travels took me (Iceland - Iraq) and later gave it to my eldest child.

I'll fast forward a few years as I currently own 5 Wiggy's bags (3 Thule' and 2 over bags), 2 Sunwalkers (which I use as inserts in my old USAF Arctic fabric over boots), 1 Ducksback jacket, 1 vest, 1 liner, 2 pair of sox and 2 pair of boots. All of the above have been used annually as well as it's some of my pack able equipment if I'm called to deploy with my local Dept. of Emergency Management. My family enjoys travel throughout the region and as far as I know NOBODY has complained about the cold!

I have NEVER had a cold night’s sleep in one of your bags, I've NEVER had a zipper fail on any bag or piece of clothing! I can't say that for any other clothing or bag manufacturer !

I have recommended to our Search and Rescue Unit to make your bags a recommended piece of equipment and everyone has said that they sleep very warmly.

I just wanted to let you know that I love your equipment and more importantly LOVE staying warm !!

Thanks for all you and your hard working staff do !!

Mike Montfort, KBØSVF

WWA District 2 Emergency Coordinator

A second note from Mike.

Jerry -

I know that you do supply the seat pack sleeping bags for various USAF aircraft. As a note I also used one of your Thule' on top of the Olympic Mountains Hurricane Ridge, in winter - in a snow cave no less, slept perfect in 0F !!

Couldn't have done it any other way !



Hey Jerry,

I wanted to thank you for your amazing products & your customer service that's OUTSTANDING!!! I've owned the Ultimate Thule with Over Bag for over 10 years & I love it. The coldest I've slept in was around 0 & that was without the Over Bag & was toasty warm. I have the Lamilite Boots & they are a great pair of boots, it's too bad you haven't been able to find another USA manufacturer to make them for you. I also have the Fishnet Long Underwear, the Lamilite Socks, & the Luxurious Ground Pad & they're all superior products. I'm a Wiggy's lifetime customer & recommend your products to all my family & friends that are looking for cold weather gear.


Mark A. Fischer

When I first started to make sleeping bags a guy, I knew who worked for Sierra Designs in the 1970’s told me because my bags were so good, I would only sell one to a customer. I do not know if he is alive today and/or if he reads my newsletters/commentary, and if so, he would, now know that he was wrong. I did tell him if my bags were so good my customers would become my best sales representatives as they are, which I am thankful for.

A friend of mine who gets to read these testimonials before I publish them, tells me he knows of no other companies that get the level of testimonials as Wiggy’s does. I can only think of one reason, who would you write to.

To reminisce for the moment, when I started working in the outdoor sports industry there were numerous new companies started by young men. Several became successful and the owners chose to higher young men to take their roll in the company while they went galivanting around the world. If anyone wrote to the company complimentary letters, they read them and disposed of them. They were never used in any promotional way.

I do not know if things would have been different if the owner were still in his job. No doubt that it is easier to use complimentary letter today because of the internet. But they still do not appear on any company web site.

What we are bombarded with are live or recorded operators asking us to stay on the line to give them your opinion of the service received. I see this as “begging” us to say “oh you are just so good, etc.”

I am going to work with my web site guru to copy and post all of the letters I received prior to the internet at some point in the not so distant future.

Thank you one and all who have taken the time to express your satisfaction with the Wiggy’s Company and its products.

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