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fire retardant tents

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I just wanted to let you know how great a product you make and the extent that I have enjoyed one of your bags.
When I learned I was getting deployed to Iraq in October of 2004 to Iraq. I picked up a Wiggys desert bag. I used it through the deployment and to this day. I am a police officer, working nights and my sleep is important. Your product assures that. Yes, I use it on my bed. I have since bought 4 of your poncho liners and two of the multicam desert bags. It's my fiancées favorite bag as well.
Thank you again for giving me a product worth what I paid.


Gary you comment is much appreciated, maybe one day those who supply the soldiers with gear will wake up to what the soldiers like yourself find that works in the field versus what they find works in a laboratory and nowhere else.


This morning I realized that I make a fire-retardant tent and have for a while. It is the Freedom Shelter one-man tent, that is when it is made from the multicam material I have been using for 5 years making the survival kits for the Air Force.

The multicam material is just that a fire-retardant material. I can also buy the same material in black green or even pink.

The Freedom Shelter is a one-person tent but the way it has been designed and that is the way I make it 2,3,4 or more can be joined. The method of doing that is in the instruction manual that comes with the Freedom Shelter.

It does not have a fly, but it does have venting windows at each end and a mosquito netting along the side to allow fore condensation to not build up in the shelter.

So, anyone looking for an FR shelter you now know it is available.


The yield of meat from the bones must have been close to two pounds.

The other ingredients added to the meat allowed me to can 15 quarts and sill have two bowls that I brought to the factory so we can have soup/stew for lunch on Monday.

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