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ground pads and reminising

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The Luxurious ground pad lives up to its name!

When the long narrow first went on a sale a year or two back I decided to take advantage of the steep discount and try it out. Wow, I'm glad I did! In conjunction with my ultra-light cot it's honestly very close to being as comfortable as my bed at home! Sure, it's a bit bulky and heavy but I've never had such a great night's sleep in the woods as I did the first time I tried this Wiggy's pad. The wider might be nice but as a bonus the narrow fits my compact cot very well.

It should go without saying but this pad combined with a Wiggy's bag is about as good as it gets. Thanks!

– Rob Babcock

Thank you Rob for the testimonial.

I do not actually recall the year I started making the ground pad but I know it was before 1995. Why because third season hunting in Colorado stars the first of November and in 1995 was my first year hunting the Fossil Ridge Wilderness area. I took my Superlight Ftrss and my ground pad. I was put in an 8-man wall tent with temperatures about 20 below zero. I was at 12000 feet. We were supplied cots. So I put my pad on the cot tied it down at one end with the straps that hold it rolled up and got in my bag system wearing my fishnet underwear.

What I learned that first night was how comfortable I was and warm which I expected. Actually, I didn’t have the bags closed up all week. The following years all I took was an Ultima Thule.

However, my bunk mates had either thermarest or blowup pads or no pads and they hardly slept. Back then I did not have the luxury model, had I, I would have brought one with me. What Rob has reported doesn’t surprise me.

When I first started making the luxury pad I did not know how well it would sell, but I have been pleasantly surprised by the volume that has developed.

Just like the growth of sleeping bag sales a6t Wiggy’s people who go camping do want not only to be warm but comfortable and do not mind carrying a little extra weight because that is what they get when they use Wiggy’s bags and pads. Of course the other companies that scream light weight products do not realize their products do not perform, I believe, because they never use them themselves. But they are light weight.

These days I rely on my customers to tell me or us their experiences with their Wiggy’s products since I no longer get out in the field as I used too. What I miss the most is waking up in the middle of the night for a nature call at 12000 feet and seeing the night sky. When it is cloudless you think you can see I guess a billion stars.

Part of getting old you realize that there are somethings that you can no longer engage in, but they are good memories. For those who have not had the pleasure of seeing the night sky from 12000 feet in the mountains or from the ocean surface also at night are surely missing something.  

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