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happy customers and a ridiculous solicitation

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I have been a customer of Wiggys for quite some time now and we even spoke in the past (more than 10 years ago). After all these years I still can say you make the finest cold weather gear in the world. It keeps you warm and wears like iron (the worker ship is outstanding).

Keep up the good work Jerry,


John M

Reading this while wearing your Chuka boots. Ever since I have stopped wearing footwear with the “breathable liner” that don’t breathe I have not had issues with athletes’ foot or toenail fungus. It’s not easy finding boots without that garbage.

Daniel Guerriero


Unfortunately, I chose not to copy and passed the 27 pages. My response follows.

From: SEGUIN Anne <anne.seguin@nspa.nato.int>
Sent: Friday, April 22, 2022 12:39 AM
Cc: SCHAUINGER Olivier <olivier.schauinger@nspa.nato.int>
Subject: Request for Information Sleeping Bag Systems


To whom it may concern,

Pursuant to the publication of NSPA Future Business Opportunity 21LBS093, NSPA is seeking information regarding Sleeping Bag Systems in order to further develop a requirement for these systems that may eventually be published as a Request for Proposal.

Please find attached a Request for Information Letter for your consideration.

M. SCHAUINGER will be your POC for replies before 6 May 2022.

Please note that responses to this request for information letter are not a basis for contract, and should not entail any costs to NSPA.


Anne Seguin
Procurement Officer

11 rue de la gare, L-8325 (G.D. Luxembourg)


Emailanne.seguin@nspa.nato.int | Websitehttps://www.nspa.nato.int

The following is my response to which I have yet to receive a response which I may not ever get one.

Anne [may I call you Anne],

I am Jerry Wigutow [you may call me Jerry] owner of Wiggy’s Inc. manufacture of the finest sleeping bags in the world or for that matter since sleeping bags were first produced about 1850 in Europe. Today they are the only sleeping bags manufactured. All the rest are no sleep sleeping bags.

The primary component of a sleeping bag is the insulation [see my web site www.wiggys.com ] there you will be able to educate yourself and you should also, direct M. Schauinger to do the same about insulation, a subject you are lacking in. Aside from the written information I have made several videos as well. Between the written information and my videos is ALL the information you will ever need to know now to make a sleeping bag. if you copy me you will have done that.

In 1993 I created the original two bag sleeping system; to this day it has outperformed every other attempt by Natick Labs as well as any who believe they can make a system.

You can always order one of mine on the internet.

I would normally say good luck trying to find one elsewhere but I know no one else exists.


Jerry Wigutow


Wiggy's Inc.

Phone: 866-411-6465

Email: wiggys@wiggys.com

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