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heart warming letters and a jerk.

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Hi Jerry.

We just had a pretty wicked snowstorm come through here last night (NW Illinois). Getting home from work last night at 2300 was as dicey as it has been in a long time. Since it was still snowing when I got home, I said screw it I'll get up and clear in the morning. My wife works at our hospital's lab so I was up at 6 and suited up in jeans, your fishnet top and overshirt, my Wiggy's Pac-boots, Renegade mittens, Ducksback Alaskan Parka with the L-3 liner in it and my Tilley Fedora. OK, let’s do this.

I have a long driveway and sidewalk, with a pretty good frontage sidewalk. I got out and it took 2 hours to do my driveway and such, and my neighbor’s driveway and sidewalks. I was working pretty hard and the wind was blowing like crazy, somehow it seems always into my face as the snow was blowing but I was toasty and dry. I just got back in the house after sending my wife down the driveway to work, pulled off my hat, boots and parka and stood there thinking "WOW"!

All my outer-gear was iced and frosted over, and dripping as it melted, which is what got my attention. I on the other hand am completely drive. Except for the small patch of my Levi's that were exposed between the Pac-boot upper and parka hem.

I'm also not sure who loves my Pac-boots more, me or my wife. I love them as they're warm and dry with good traction. She loves them because when I come in the house, I take off the outer boot and cruise in wearing the inner booties and don't track snow and water in anymore. LOL.

I'm sitting here now warm, dry, with a cup of coffee and really,4 really appreciating the equipment you make. That parka is amazing. I have the L-6 liner, but I suspect my grandson will inherit it unused. I got it as a worst case option, but after using the parka with the L-3 well into the subzero temps so far, it's going to have to get really brutal to break that heavier liner out.

Well, I'm starting to ramble so it's time to cut this off. Thanks again Jerry for the great kit. Every time I put it on and go out, I get mad though. I spent so much time wet and cold in the Navy, wearing goretex, thinsulate, or poly-pro, for no reason. There was better kit out there, I just didn't know about it. That really chaps my buttocks. Live and learn I reckon. But I'm glad I did get hip, the older I get the colder I get, but not today.

Take care my friend, be well,


Vincent Nylin
US Navy(RET)

Vincent a big thank you!!!!!

Yesterday I received a phone call from a guy who told me he was running tests on insulations for publication in backpacking light magazine. I asked him how old he was and he said 68. I said you were born in 1953 and when you were at the age of 8 in 1961, I was starting my education in the field of synthetic fiber fill for insulations, which has continued to this day.

I asked what he knew about testing and other things in the field to which he said very little. He did want to buy some of the Lamilite material to test against other materials that are obsolete since Lamilite exists. I also told him he was insulting my intelligence and believe it or not he still wanted to buy some Lamilite. I then told him to buy a bag and cut it open, something he would not do.

He believed if he wrote about Lamilite it would be good free advertising., as if I needed him after 33 years and becoming the largest sleeping bag manufacturer in the world.

I told him to read everything I have written and published so he could educate himself.

He lives in Longmont about 5 hour drive to Grand Junction, maybe he will show up, what do you say Steve S.; that is his name. A jerk!!

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