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Less bulk, same warmth, maximum breathability

Radiant barrier technology reduces heat loss

Saves up to 50% insulation material to create thinner and lighter garments

Reduces environmental footprint (savings per standard insulated jacket are 280g of CO2, 10MJ of energy and 6L of water)

Exceptional efficiency and durability (more than 20 washings)

HeiQ XReflex materials are made from recycled sources and are also recyclable

Joint development with Xefco

This company heiq located in Switzerland produces chemicals that they sell to textile mills or garment manufacturers that are supposed to make the fabrics or garments better. These chemicals that are being applied to the fabrics do leach out and become toxic to the persons wearing these garments. We read about this all of the time; refer to Delta and American Airlines debacle from Land’s End whose fabrics may very well have heiq chemicals on them.

Now with their vast knowledge of insulation, so much it would not take up much space in a gnats butt, they think (they don’t think) they have a solution to making insulated outerwear and sleeping bags lighter and warmer than ever before.

Apparently, they are using a very thin layer of polyester fiberfill and placing the reflective barrier material against it. The reflective barrier material concept has been tried as far back as the mid 1960’s and it has never performed as the seller of the material or product, jacket or sleeping bag (there are two companies that make no sleep sleeping bags that install a reflective layer, one in the UK and the other in the US). The only thing that is accomplished when the reflective material is installed is to increase the price of the product.

The heiq idiots and I mean idiots do not know that heat from any source or of any manner even radiant heat moves away from the source and never returns as in being reflected back. They are trying to resurrect an old idea that never worked or will ever work.

If the use of a reflective material were a positive addition to any insulated product trust me, I would have been using it many years ago.

It does not work and should be considered a very successful failure just like goretex.

One more company that wants to get into the insulation business for jackets and sleeping bag, what a joke. I read a little while ago that outdoor research is incorporating aerogel in some products like headwear and hand wear and will be marketing these products since somehow NASA is using the stuff. Another joke!!!


  1. Great American Made Proucts!

    Your crazy not to have a Wiggy's sleeping bag. These are the best bags made. I bought the 0 degree bag for me and my wife. These are the warmest and most comfortable bags ever. I have been super warm in the coldest conditions. The best part of the bags is that they don't bind when turning in the bag like others do. Since buying the bags, I have bought a winter jacket for my ice fishing trips and it is amazing too. I recently had them custom make a winter coat for my dog as he gets cold in the winter. They were very accepting to take measurements to make this custom fit dog coat. What makes there products the best is there insulation materials. It's the best insulation that you can get and only in the U.S. Since there the only American made bag, you find any other bags this warm.

    – Brian Alano

  2. Finally A Product That Works!


    I just wanted to let you guys know how much I love everything i've bought so far from Wiggys! ( 0 degree camo bag, camp pillow, stuff sack, military bivy, waders, pack boots...). Shortly before discovering Wiggys, I had (unfortunately) saved up and bought a Mountain Hardware Phantom 0 down bag after a few years of freezing my butt off with a bad bag while elk hunting. With how reliable your bag is in every way and how many times it's saved me from freezing out in the woods even while wet, I have an extremely difficult time even considering taking the MH bag for one of my trips (and with that horrible zipper, I have yet to trust using it outside of my own yard when I feel like sleeping outside, haha). So thank you for the awesome products!

    Thank you very much,

    – Cameron Corley

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