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i just love getting testimonials

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Hello. Thank you for an excellent product. My wife and I winter camp (hot tent) in Northern MN and she hasn’t had a good night’s sleep despite trying several different combos of cot/pad/bags. I ordered her a full zipper Ultima Thule rectangle bag and it arrived last week. What a game changer!!! Best nights of sleep in camp that she has ever had. “I absolutely love my bag” she said to me. I’m going to be ordering my new sleeping system from you very soon.


Paul Harney

Thanks to Paul for sending the testimonial and many thanks to his wife for telling him how well the bag performed.

For the past two years orders for the Hunter Ultima Thule has been significant. Maybe many of these bags are being used by women. This bag is a rectangular bag 36 inches wide and 90 inches long so it has lots of creature comfort. Even though it is rectangular versus other companies that claim they have bags specifically shaped for women which I think is ridiculous my bag shines and does as was experienced by Paul’s wife the bag kept her warm.

The only reason companies started offering sleeping bags that they claimed women specific is to hopefully get orders from women. The only thing I know is that women have less muscle mass than men so they produce less heat than men. Remember heat in all warm blooded animals comes directly from muscle mass. The more you have the more heat you produce.

Since women have less muscle mass I always recommend that they buy the next lower rated bag. As an example if I am comfortable in a plus 20 degree bag a women I believe should be using a 0 degree bag in the same climatic conditions.

A number of years ago a young couple came into buy sleeping bags. They were very fit in their mid-20 and were climbers. In conversation they told me she could bench press more weight than he. How much I do not remember, but the guy was matter of fact about her doing this. In any even she was also matter of fact that she needed a colder rated sleeping bag than he. She followed that statement saying that when they were in bed she needed to be close to him so she could stay warmer.

When I first came to Grand Junction I started doing research at the hospital library to learn about human physiology and I learned that children, females and old people do not have the same muscle mass as men and from that time on I always recommend a conservative approach to guiding people as to what sleeping bag they should buy.

When someone goes into the field their most important piece of gear is the sleeping bag. If it works to keep you warm that means you have slept and will not drag the next day. I have also learned that almost all women ultimately learn that the women specific bags just don’t perform very well if at all.

I have also learned from many men that their wives shy away from camping because they just don’t sleep because they are cold. That all changes when they are given a Wiggy bag! (Hint)!!!

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