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Daniel B

Jerry - We need more vids from you. Just received my double sleeping bag system (-20 F) and the field jacket liner. Top-notch quality. Somewhat heavier than my nine hundred down bags :) but these are indestructible and the quality is impeccable. Wish we'd had these back in 1991 when I was with the 10th SFG(A) in SE Turkey. We froze our butts off in Batman, Turkey.


I expect to make at the least one more video, when I do not know. When we went into Bosnia the 10th group ordered five hundred Ultima Thule’s. You missed out.

Impenetrable Mitts

I'm a woman with fairly long fingers and these fit me extremely comfortable with size Medium. I'm using these for a dog sledding expedition in Greenland and I can tell that the build and quality exceeds that of all my other GL gear, which was high end but not as well designed as this. The integrated inner mitt and outer mitt work as a seamless system to defeat the cold and the wind. I'm so grateful for all my Wiggy's gear but especially the new acquisitions for me hands and feet. You will not regret this purchase because it is worth every cent.

Amazing Product, So Lightweight!

The design of these is perfection and it really compliments some of the other products like the Sun Walkers and Lamilite Socks. The three together are the ultimate solution to a dog sledding expedition in Greenland. Well worth the investment.

Sunwalkers are really Great as A Slipper/ Booties or In the Wiggy's Mukluks

I had a hard time fitting these in my Kamik and Sorel boots but I prefer these to the booties. However, I just got the Mukluk's, however, and these fit great in the Mukluk plus the Lamilite socks and I'm so toasty. I'm using this on a trip to Greenland and it's a fantastic product that is compressible and lightweight. Well done.

ASM from Houston

ASM has been very generous with her comments, thank you!

Fantastic Mittens

I got a pair of these mittens; no ONE makes a warmer mitten than Wiggy’s. At - 30 on a snow machine my hands were too warm. I’m extremely impressed by the way the mittens warmed my hands. I bought mine way too big because I didn’t realize how accurate the size is.
I highly recommend these mittens for anyone who has problems keeping their hands warm.

Lance Ware


Many thanks for your support.

Once again when I look at my computer in the morning and see testimonials like these it makes not only mu day but at the very least the week. For me reading these testimonials never gets old. Hands and feet are the most vulnerable part of the body when it comes to cold weather so knowing what I make to keep both warm is very gratifying to know is to hear from customers my products work.

However, most of the credit goes to the Lamilite/Climashield insulation. I could use all of the same material to surround any other so called insulation in the world but the end product would not be the same.

By the way if Lamilite/Climashield did not exist my life wouldn’t be the same, I just might have stayed on Dulcinea, which was the name of my boat.

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