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international testimonial

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Hi Jerry

Received the order earlier in the week. Thank you. I’ve had a chance to wear all the items and even gave up sleeping on the futon the last few nights.

Some comments (or perhaps reaffirmation):

- First of all, really impressed with construction quality (stitching, binding, serging, button snaps, zips, generous baffles). My mother used to work as a sewing machinist and she still has an industrial Juki sitting around.

- Liner jacket is fantastic. The sleeves are especially…functional. I might yet get the vest someday for use under less spacious outer layers.

- Having said that, the Ducksback vest is very versatile and warm. It almost looks too good. I’m a fan of the tapered collar. You were spot on with the sizing recommendation too.

- The Kodiak gloves are surprisingly warm. Much appreciated on the bicycle commute and walks (I get cold hands easily).

- The balaclava is outrageously warm. The spacing between the hook ’n’ loop strips are clever. I might yet get the standard beanie for the less windy / wet / cold pushbike commutes / hikes.

- Thank you for the generous baffle under the zipper on the sleeping bag. Also, for the anti-snag strip of fabric between the zipper and the baffle itself. Very surprised by the loftiness of the bag and the compressibility. I’d probably struggle without the included compression sack! It’s early autumn here in Invercargill so only down to 6 C / 42 F previous night and I’ve done fine on the floor, on a ‘camping’ mat and predictably I’ll try the comforter permutation tonight.

- I definitely see why there is a market for Lamilite-lined boots. On the flip side you can wear your Lamilite socks with whatever footwear takes your fancy. My foot-shape is wider-than-average on the toe-box / forefoot side so the Lamilite socks are a little snug there. There is some excess fabric (my hiking boots are low-mid cut) above the ankle which means my hiking pants tend to ride up (I don’t wear gaiters). This is a non-issue on my calf-high gardening boots or snow boots. Plus, the socks make good lounge / around-the-home / in-the-sleeping-bag socks so no worries. The serging is impressive. I might yet get the cordura booties someday.

Thanks again Jerry.

Take care and look after yourself,


Thank you, Yon. Yon lives in New Zealand

Mr. Wigutow,

It has been a while since my last correspondence.

I spent the weekend in the wilderness of Eastern Finland, which is known for its vast forests and cold winters.

I took my new Wiggy's Mountain Hunter sleeping bag with me, and my friend used the Superlight. I had Barren Grounds parka with me, since skiing is very physical and during breaks there is a need for jacket. My friend had his lamilite sweater with him for the same purpose.

During the first night we set up our camp on a beautiful ridge between two swamps.

The sun was going down fast, and loud cracks could be heard on the trees when the frost settled in. It was much colder night that we expected, so we built traditional log fire, which lasted for 12 hours. Temperature was as low as - 18 centigrade, and I slept like a baby using the Mountain Hunter and Barren Grounds parka. Needless to say, my friend slept well in his Super light. We both had lightweight CC-pads on a spruce bough only, and it was enough.

Those who complain about the bulkiness of your sleeping bags are wrong. I had quite small pack and the MH went in easily, and the parka was also easy to pack into small dry bag.

You make serious wilderness equipment, keep up the good work and stay safe!

Yours Truly, Joni



As I have stated I have been using it for maybe 10 years to heal a sore throat very quickly. With that in mind I also knew that it has been tested in a septic tank and given enough oil into the water it made is drinkable. I further researched on the internet if it had been tested against the corona virus and copied and published the article I found yesterday.

Several subscribers wrote a thank you to me for making this information available to them and also told me they now are using the oil of oregano themselves. However, I received the following comment: “you know about insulation. stick to what you know and stop spreading misinformation or risk your credibility” from a guy named Gary. I wrote back to him he should contact Erik Goldman the author of the article. If I am spreading misinformation Erik is to blame, however, I do not think I am spreading mis information. Gary send me your information that refutes what Erik has written and I’ll be happy to publish it for all to see. As for risking my credibility, that will never happen because I do not lie. One who lies must have an exceptional memory.


On Thursday I received an inquiry for 600 ground pads for use on cots being set up at Ft. Bragg army base for use I suspect for virus patients.

I spoke with Kok about using our fabric that has a very thin layer of close cell foam laminated to it with the Lamilite over it. He made a small prototype and when we looked at it, we decided that it would make a good ground pad not only for use on cots but on the ground as well.

Monday he will make a normal size 72-inch pad that we can cost and weigh as well as roll up to see what we get. If I am not mistaken this ground pad will revolutionize the ground pads being used today. On top of the foam will be a layer of the Lamilite and the weight will then be determined.

Remarkable that you never know when a good idea will be presented to you.

Once we get it right, I’ll take pictures of it for all to see, even the folks at thermarest. What I do know is they will probably buy one once I start selling then and then they will be able to take it a part and realize this is another product they cannot copy from Wiggy’s. they may buy more than one and send them to their parent company in Korea.

One last word about my shingles; ever since I have been taking the gelatin capsules of oil of oregano healing has been going on, slowly but definitely happening. Was it going to happen anyway or has the oil of oregano had something to do with it? I like to think the oil of oregano has been a catalyst. One more ailment that oil of oregano is good for; are you listening Gary?

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