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inventors hall of fame (?)

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I called the organization this morning and queried the criteria associated with recognizing someone for entre into the IHF.

One of the criterial happens to be according to the person I spoke with a physical test of the products ability to perform as written in the patent. I was as specific as I could be with this representative.

I explained that I have been issued four patents by the US government patent office and aside from demonstrating in written form that my products had never before been made as I was making them. I did not have to prove anything more such as function.

Whether they functioned in the field as I advertised them was left to the consumer to find out. If they performed as such or not had nothing to do with the patent any longer!

However, if the IHF were interested in recognizing Jerry Wigutow from what I was told they would get some of my products and check them out to make sure they did perform as advertised. I assume that this would happen without my knowledge.

According to the representative while she did not actually know who it may have been in 2006 they supposedly did test the Gore-Tex rain gear. I asked if I could speak with that person and she said she would have to research that information.

I will be surprised if someone were to call me back.

I believe there are so many companies today that have so much invested in the concept of waterproof breathable merchandise they will not walk away from it under any conditions.

Damn the general public is their attitude. So what if you develop foot sores because the sweat from your feet never gets out of your footwear when it has Gore-Tex or a like product in it. So what if you spend $200.00 (?) on a rain garment that has Gore-Tex or a like product in it that does keep the rain out but also keeps the sweat in so you get a chill.

Have you ever thought about cold weather outerwear not being made with Gore-Tex or a like product in it! There is a reason; when it was tried by the military they found that the moisture not only did not get out of the garment but frosted on the inside of the garment. Seems the moisture as a vapor reached the film on the inside of the garment and that is as far as it can get. If you are out for several days when the weather is 0 degrees the moisture buildup as frost can get pretty thick. Once that happens the cold radiates back towards the person wearing the garment. Aside from the military not using it for this purpose I know of no private company offering insulated outerwear with any waterproof breathable laminated shell fabric.

To understand how moisture moves through cold weather outerwear when the wearer is active look at the photo of me with my brown Fossil Ridge parka which is covered with frost that was able to go through the material as a vapor? I was completely dry as was the shirt I was wearing. That would never have happened if I was wearing any garment that was laminated to a film such as Gore-Tex.

My body heat was trapped very well within the garment, a testament to the exceptional heat retention qualities of the Lamilite which pushed the moisture through the Nova suede.

When it comes to warm weather and needing a rain garment you have 3 choices. 1- Get a waterproof breathable garment that is very costly and will very effectively keep out the rain and keep in your sweat. 2- Get urethane nylon coated garment for a quarter the price that will keep out the rain and keep in your sweat too. 3- Get a Wiggy’s Ducksback garment that will keep out the rain and allow a significant amount of your sweat out as well while it is still in the vapor state.

The volume of investment in this bogus product, non-functioning concept is enormous. You have the companies that formulate the film, you have the companies that buy it for use in the products they sell and you have the retailers who present it to the general public in their retail locations. The retailers hire very young impressionable floor sales people who have no idea that the waterproof breathable garment they show perspective consumers does not actually work. And as I have discovered whenever I have taken the time to speak with one of these youngsters they cannot grasp the reality of it not working. I chalk that up to the fact that the youth of America is lacking in thinking and reasoning skills.

I’ll let you know if IHF ever gets back with me.

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