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Lamilite keeps you dry

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Jerry -

Wore the Ducksback parka today in Denver with semi cold rain, and down pours! The parka (Ducksback) was saturated on the outside, and the inside was high and dry!!! It dried ( the outside), in thirty minutes on the train - then back out into the rain, walked all over downtown, just poring, and have never in my life felt dryer than I have in this Jacket - not once did any water or even vapor penetrate the inside!! So even siting still after being completely soaked by the freezing rain it still did not penetrate the inner portion, and I was still high and dry!! Thanks Jerry!!! Love everything you do to keep people WARM and SAFE!!!

_Brady Hyland

The incidence of people wearing any Lamilite insulated jackets made by Wiggy’s whether they are made with Ducksback, nylon taffeta or Supplex shell fabric they will perform the same; which is to keep you warm and dry. Yes the Ducksback will dry the fastest and keep out the greatest amount of rain water but it is the Lamilite that will keep the rain water from getting to you and it will keep you warm.

The experience that Brady had and will continue to have wearing the Ducksback parka is not possible in a goretex parka or any parka made with a goretex type of material.

I can only imagine that ALL the companies out there that make jackets with goretex or the like material would be in hog heaven if they could make the same statements about the parkas of jackets they sell. To do so would only further exasperate the erroneous claim already being made about the product.

In the meantime I received the following e mail.

Hi Wiggy,

How about commentary from women in work boots who had Goretex coats? In 1977, I was commercial fishing in the Fairweather Grounds out of Juneau in Helly Hanson rain gear. It was a hot mess when things got going plus too stiff. In 1978, I got a job running the gun on a survey crew in Sitka AK. Along with all the other surveyors I had a Goretex jacket. That October it rained 30" in one month. I was standing out in it for 10 hours every day. I layered it over a down vest and cotton/wool long underwear. I never got wet or cold as long as the jackets were new. But we worked out of helicopters sometimes running around on windfalls. As soon as the jackets got dirty they stopped being waterproof. I mean wherever there was dirt, it leaked. Not good in freezing rain with 8 more hours to work. Later, I got Peter Storm pants and jacket. It was the best - never leaked and it was stretchy so it wasn’t confining. I got plenty hot in it once in a while, but it was the best of all the products I tried. Now I work on a remote cattle ranch in northern New Mexico in all kinds of weather every day. I have Filson oiled canvas long and short dusters. They don’t make me hot and I don't get wet. In 2013, I moved into an Airstream and lived on remote ranches with no electricity where it was regularly -20F to -30F. The Airstream was hard to heat. A guy on Facebook from Yukon Territory told me about your Wiggy bags. I ordered the Arctic bag and put an additional down comforter inside over the top of me. I believe that bag saved my life that year. You are my kind of contentious. Keep up the good work.

From Jane north of Regina NM.

I doubt that the problem of dirt causing waterproof goretex is also a problem yet to be resolved. Thank you Jane for bringing this to our attention.

Of course the major problem caused by goretex or goretex type material is its placement in boots. If you have an interest in cold feet then the best boot for you is a pair that is lined with goretex or the like material. It very successfully will KEEP 100 PERCENT OF YOU FOOT GENERATED SWEAT IN THE BOOTS. Once the moisture loses its heat it actively absorbs as much heat as it can get from your feet and what do you know now; you have cold feet.

Also keeping all of that moisture in the boots will create a wonderful breeding ground for infections as many, many soldiers and Marines have learned.

I question if Bob Gore has any integrity? He takes full responsibility for having developed a non-product. Look at him and listen to him speaking about it on the Gore web site in a u tube video. To this day he has to say as he does that he invented what cannot be done; a matrix of two materials that have two distinct characteristics; one being waterproof and two being as he says breathable. It is irrelevant how often the concept is shown not to exist he still takes the position that he did it. It is over 40 years since he presented this concept to the market place and it has yet to work. In the next 40 years there will not be any different result. Maybe I am wrong about his not having integrity. “ Integrity” is being loyal in action to one’s convictions and values”. I think the only thing he is loyal to is making profit regardless if the product works or not, regardless if the consumer of said products gets a product that works or not.

I said he was among several descriptions a “pathological liar” one who is compulsively motivated. His motivation is to make money even if it is not honestly acquired. I personally believe offering for sale that which does not work when you know it does not work is what the Gore Company does with their goretex product.

Maybe it is time long overdue for Bob Gore to stand up and now tell the world the truth about goretex!!! 

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