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lamilite vs down

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The following is part of a recent email,

“By the way, last season I went hunting with my buddy and we got into camp late. I slept outside on a cot with my Wiggys bag. The dew was so heavy it was like it actually had rained overnight. I woke up completely dry and the bag was also dry. My buddy slept inside of a tent in a down bag and his sleeping bag was wet for 2 days. that was pretty amazing lol. “

On Thu, Apr 11, 2024, at 6:09 PM

Scott S

Years ago, I outfitted a fellow from Denver who was going with a friend to climb Denali, then it was called Mt. McKinley. The outfit included a sleeping bag, Ultima Thule, parka, bib, mittens fishnets and some other items. I asked him to bring his climbing partner to which he answered he was already set with Marmot gear. They summited and my customer was comfortable the entire time. His buddy learned the hard way that down absorbs and retained his body generated moisture. he was very cold after the first two days. Sleeping bag, parks and pants were gaining the weight of the moisture his body generated.

When they got off of the mountain they learned his down filled bag etc. gained weight.

That said Scott’s story doesn’t surprise me. I am sure his buddy didn’t sleep much because I believe he was probably cold.

I think Scott’s comment “that was pretty amazing” can be taken two ways; one that his Wiggy bag was completely dry or two his buddy’s bag was wet. Taken either way it is a true statement.

I believe this experience of Scott’s friend he has experienced before as I am sure probably all down bag owners [no sleep sleeping bags] constantly have the same experience.

The human body is always emitting moisture, and that moisture moves away from the source, the human body and it has to go someplace, and it goes where it is most appreciated, a place to cling too, absorbed that is by what ever that material is, and down is perfect.

I suspect Scott’s buddy went home with a wet bag. People who chose to buy no sleep down sleeping bags because they are light in weight for the “erroneous” temperature ratings advertised for them find out in short order the ratings are a pipedream and that they do absorb your moisture. Of course, they do not realize the moisture retention via absorption also absorbs your heat.

When the Alyeska pipeline was built the field construction workers were issued down parkas that were purchased from the Eddie Bauer Company.

With in a month of work the workers issued these parkas were cold and the parkas became heavy. The down had gained water weight.

As I was told they had three parkas per man, one was always in a dryer. I was working with Raven Industries and we showed them a snowsuit that you could walk across the polar ice cap, Lamilite insulated. We were too late; Bauer had been given the order months before. The oil field workers learned that down was simply not good. For about 15 years Wiggy’s supplied Conoco Philips and their subcontractors. I am sure most of those parkas and bibs are still in use. All Lamilite insulated.

I have learned as many others as possible without me that man’s greatest enemy is the moisture that he produces. Especially when he goes into the wild. It does not matter the time of year you should always dress with clothing that will not retain your moisture. what you wear should be lose fitting so you are always ventilating.

I have written volumes and have published many more reports such as Scott’s referencing the difference between Lamilite and down in the field. It always comes down to moisture being the problem [not with respect to Lamilite] that those going into the wild that they have to deal with.

I know that some people will soon since we are coming into camping season who will buy down filled “no sleep sleeping bags" because they can afford the high price believing that they are the best because of the price and will again in short order find out they have waisted their money.

I like to think that those who do the research into sleeping bags and ultimately buy Wiggy’s demonstrate a high level of intelligence.

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