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lets commit suicide

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I read the following article in online issue of the UK magazine “Sportstextiles”.

Graphene-infused mimic insulation: less bulk in rugged terrain

Outdoor brand Haglöfs has developed a graphene-infused mimic insulation, which will be used in products intended for deep trekking into rugged, cold terrain and for high mountain assents.

According to the company, graphene is a single-atom-thin layer of carbon that forms a grid with “unparalleled strength and conductivity”. The resulting insulation heat faster, contains the warmth longer and decreases the volume of insulation needed.

Graphene will be featured in the brand’s V series Mimic, Nordic Mimic and Roc Mimic. The company said the line will be game-changing for mountaineering and expeditions, as wearers can decrease the bulk and space in their bags and on their bodies. The technology will be tested in the Arctic by Haglöfs’ ambassador Antti Autti.

After reading the article I went to the haglof’s web site to find out more about this miracle insulation and see a jacket with it. What I saw was a quilted jacket, what follows is the description of what this jacket is supposed to accomplish.



V-Series Mimic

Design: Robert Olsson
Category: Apparel


The world’s first outdoor performance graphene insulated jacket. A new graphene infused polyester insulation where you feel the warmth effect faster.

This sounds to me like the graphene was mixed into the liquid formula of polyester and was them extruded with the polyester fiber which then is chopped and made into a batting that needs to be quilted. So, what you have is a chopped staple polyester fiberfill with the graphene in it just taking up space.


Half the weight of an equivalent standard polyester cluster insulated jacket but delivers more warmth and therefore enhances the user experience and performance in the Nordic mountains. To enhance the current ‘best’ performance synthetic insulated jackets whilst at the same time ensure sustainability of the materials.

Notice they say” half the weight of equivalent standard polyester cluster”. I have never heard of polyester “cluster” unless you pick up a hand full of it. It delivers nothing except cold air through the stitch lines like all quilted polyester jackets do. The “best” performance polyester jackets made with a synthetic insulation are made by Wiggy’s with Lamilite synthetic insulation. Adding the graphene will only increase the cost, it will not enhance anything.


Insulation made from recycled polyester. fabrics are Bluesign approved with PFC free DWR. Products conform to Haglofs RSL.



The Mimic Graphene insulation material has a higher warmth to weight ratio than standard polyester clusters.

This is as nonsensical a statement as could be. The good thing about this company as far as I can see is that they are a European company without as far as I can find any representation in the USA.


The “SLUMBER BAG” in the urban grey color is as of today on sale for $90.00 which includes shipping. I have been able to secure a sizeable quantity of the fabric at a very good price so as usual I am passing on the savings to my customers.

Remember that 100 percent of the materials that I use in this bag as in all of my bags and clothing are pure finish, not made with any chemicals. So, if you want to make sure your children are not subjected to chemical exposure, we are the only sleeping bags in the world that meet that criteria.

It is also important to know these bags again like all Wiggy’s bags are machine launderable and machine dryable.

I know many go to places like the boundary waters such as those in northern Minnesota where bags can get wet. Again, like all Wiggy’s bags that water becomes meaningless since the bags dry very quickly and will dry from humans in them sleeping.

There are cheaper children’s bags on the market but every one of them is inundated with chemicals because they were made in China. Of course, you have to be concerned as to when they were made as well. We know when the Chinese reported the coronavirus but was it taking place months before? Who knows?


The Antarctic parka and the Ducksback Antarctic Urban parka are now available in an EXTRA SMALL SIZE.

I received enough calls these past two winters so, I asked Kok to make the pattern.

If you are five feet tall and about 110 pound’s we now have the warmest parka in the world for you.

Maybe the haglofs company should call me and buy an insulation that really works.

I just read the following article. The coronavirus is more of a problem than is initially believed.

National Council of Textile Organizations (NCTO) President and CEO Kim Glas Issues Textile Industry Statement on Coronavirus

WASHINGTON — February 25, 2020 — National Council of Textile Organizations (NCTO) President and CEO Kim Glas issued the following statement today on the industry’s response to the coronavirus crisis.

“The coronavirus has impacted Asian textile and apparel manufacturing productivity and output, and our concerns lie with the affected companies and workers during this terrible crisis.

The U.S. textile industry continues to be ready, able, and willing to help in any way possible. Our industries have been in touch with U.S. government officials to help identify key U.S. textile suppliers to provide surgical masks and other items to help contain the spread of the coronavirus. In addition, several companies have donated much-needed medical textile supplies and other sanitary items to help address this outbreak.

Given the uncertainty in the market as a result of the coronavirus, many textile and apparel sourcing executives are seeking alternatives outside of Asia. We stand ready to assist brands and retailers looking to shift sourcing during this uncertain time. The Western Hemisphere production platform established under our free trade agreements and trade preference programs provides a sound alternative as companies look to diversify their sourcing. The region has immediate capacity to meet worldwide demands with duty-free access through well-established supply chains.

Whether this terrible crisis lasts days, months, or longer — our member companies are ready and willing to help.”

NCTO is a Washington-based trade association that represents domestic textile manufacturers, including artificial and synthetic filament and fiber producers.

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