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magical bag

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sleeping bag magic

Hi wiggly

I moved to Alaska 22yr ago and found your sleeping bags via my father in law at the time. They have never been out of my sight each winter since. I live in Fairbanks and seasonally would stay in a wall tent through deep winters -45°f and down. Your bags let me forget the pack stove detail many cold nights, but I was warm.


Today I received the above email. I am sorry the sender chose not to identify himself. I can only believe he has a sleep system since he says “bags”. Possibly the Ultima Thule FTRSS or Antarctic FTRSS models.

When I hunted it was always third season which was the first week of November with base camp at 12000 feet. Nighttime temperatures would vary from -20 to -35 degrees F. I stayed in a wall tent that had a wood stove. It would burn for 20 minutes maybe. So, the temperature in the tent was the same in the tent as outside the tent.

I always brought my Antarctic bag just for good measure. I slept in my fishnets so, I was always comfortable as was the emailer.

By the way it was not a magical sleeping bag. There have been times over the years when customers have asked how the sleeping bag, they have purchased with Lamilite insulation works and I state its “magic”. Of course, that is not true and I then explain how it actually works.

[While writing a woman called about her wig, never ending].

Up until five years ago the telephone was constantly ringing. Because of the internet, since then calls have diminished.

Lets look at the effect of the internet.

As an example, in the 24 hour period from 11 AM yesterday to 11 AM today 752 people visited the Wiggy website. Sometimes if I see the number go up by one and then see an order, I can only guess it is the same person going to the website who placed the order. Most often orders are placed after seeing the website.

Hence no phone call orders of the same number as in the past. How many people of the visitors place orders I do not know however, our online sales just continue to grow from year to year.

The resulting situation for me is that I do have more time to spend with customers on the phone who do call offering more information of an educational nature. It is also good for me to keep my memory sharp about what it takes and why to make a Wiggy bag or any other of the Wiggy products that use Lamilite. I am getting older and hope to keep doing that.

As we age our mind starts losing memory, hence the number of over the counter products to improve memory. I am fortunate, not that it was I planned to have a technical company [my sleeping bags are a technical marvel] that I come each day to run and I constantly learn from Kok my partner about manufacturing. Exposing yourself to further your knowledge of your primary subject is necessary to keeping your mind sharp.

And to think the catalyst for all of this is the internet. My unsolicited advice is to stick with what you know best as long as you can and not think about retiring.

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