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merry christmas and happy hanukkah

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The following email conversation took place today December 23, 2019.

Dear Sirs,

Merry Christmas! I am interested in purchasing an Ultra-Light rectangular sleeping bag with hood in black, but I have a question. First, let me tell you that I've been using your sleeping bags for many years (your outerwear, as well - for example, I live in my Wiggy's vest all winter long). In fact, I sleep in one every night. I am allergic to wool, down and cotton dust, and your bags allow me to have an allergy-free, warm (I sleep with my windows open even in the dead of winter), good night’s sleep. One feature I've always liked about the bags is the silky-smooth interior; it's very comfortable and allows for easy movement in the bag. And the silver interior in an Antarctic bag I purchased several years ago is especially nice; it almost resembles silk or a fine leather and is downright luxurious. But then just recently I purchased a rectangular overbag and quite frankly was a little shocked at the interior fabric. It's not nearly as smooth and, in fact, catches the skin when you run your hand over it (which to me is like fingernails on a chalkboard). Don't get me wrong, it's a beautiful bag, but I would like it a lot better if it had a smoother interior. So my question is this: what kind of interior fabric can I expect in the Ultra-Light bag?



This is the lining fabric we are using.

It actually increases the warmth retention of the bag.

Merry Christmas Mark.



Thank you for your prompt reply. And your warmth comment is interesting, because I slept in the overbag several times before the weather got too cold and was amazed how warm it was (for years, I had a Hunter bag very similar to it and this new bag is definitely warmer). I'll just have to get over the fingernails/chalkboard thing. I have to tell you, too, that I especially like your rectangular bags with the 118-inch zipper because of their temperature range. Generally, when I first go to bed, I open the zipper all the way around and then as the night gets colder, begin zipping it back up. Works like a charm. And I have to praise that darn vest of yours, too. It's so light you wouldn't think it would be that warm, but oh contraire. And as any elephant will tell you, you gotta keep your trunk warm!

Thank you Mark for proving what others have also reported.


I have had a number of customers tell me how warm they are staying in the bags with this new lining. It is very important to learn about all of the materials that are used to make a sleeping bag and that they work in concert. Just the insulation with a cotton cheese cloth lining would not cut it. An oxford weave exterior fabric would be durable but to heavy for a shell fabric. Neither would enhance the insulating ability of the insulation. The current fabric I am using does just that and I have many thousands of yards at this time and can get more as is needed.


I want to thank the entirety of the boot industry, the muk boot makers and any footwear company that makes waterproof (AND NOT SO BREATHABLE) boots as well as the gore company and the 3-m company for making it possible for me to sell my Lamilite socks, Lamilite over boots and Lamilite muk luks.

Without these manufactures flooding the market with waterproof boots (THAT KEEP YOUR FEET COLD) such as ll bean makes and other companies that make the same models and all of the true muk boot makers and on top of that the brands owned by wolverine world wide, timberland and red wing whose boots are almost all lined with goretex and in many cases accompanied by the 3-m product thinsulate they are helping me to sell my products.

Over the years as many of you know when some one has come to me offering what is an improvement to an existing product or a new product altogether such as the lightweight waders, I have always given credit where credit is due. I do not believe in plagiarizing the accomplishments of others.

Therefore, I am giving recognition to the many brands of footwear and material suppliers for their assistance in getting me sales of my products to compensate for the lack of ability of their products to perform. It is the time of year for giving and I am giving them one and all the gift of knowledge that tells them they do not have a good product and it is time to wake up and start making it right. This is my gift to the footwear industry.

I tried this many years ago with the sleeping bag industry when I was selling the insulation and 40 years later they now make “no sleep sleeping bags” and I make sleeping bags, and I make more of them that retail above $100.00 or more that the whole of the industry combined. I will buy a lottery ticket tonight and if I win, I’ll buy a boot factory and make Lamilite insulated boots and the same result will take place.


I am please to report that I am seeing progress with respect to the shingle healing if that is what it does. My birthday is the 28th so maybe they will be gone by then and it will be a wonderful birthday present for me.

And finally I offer you one and all a very MERRY CHRISTMAS a greeting that for some years was shied away from for several years but not by me. I grew up in NYC in the forties through the seventies when I left for my sailing trip and we always said MERRY CHRISTMAS or HAPPY HANUKKAH to each other regardless of religious affiliations. I do hope that still remains in the Big Apple today. 

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