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military folks give testimony and the nba

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Everything Thing He Designs Works.

I've been rocking Wiggy’s gear since 1999. Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Iraq 2 tours. His ultimate Thule that I purchased saved my situation in wildflicken, Germany during a frozen training mission. The issued bag at the time was a Korean War Era goose down mummy bag. So glad I had and have my Wiggy’s gear. It's designed to save your life.

– Unknown

Holding Up Very Well

Mr. Wigutow,

I am currently deployed to the Panjshir Valley, Afghanistan for my second year long tour of duty. It was during my first tour I realized the short comings of the U.S.G. issue poncho liner. Specifically, the severe loss of loft over time and just the general lack of long term durability. Therefore, when I noticed a long while back you had your version of the poncho liner in tri-color desert in clearance I decided to buy two. I have carried one of the two with me on this deployment. So far, it is holding up very well and functions to a much higher degree than the aforementioned issue liner. It is used every day and even since my arrival in July.

Honestly, the main reason I contacted you was to let you know how much I appreciate your addition of the American flag to the liner. That was something I recognized when I first opened the package, they were shipped in. It is a genuinely nice touch.

Thank you,

– Jason R Fry, LTC, CA

I do not know who unknown is but I sure do like his sentiments about what we make. I find it interesting that he was issued the Korean vintage feather and down bag in 1999 when that is what I was issued in 1965 in basic training. That aid I am glad he saw success with the Ultima Thule. I did look at a map of Germany, but couldn’t find “wildflicken,” so if you know where it is let me know.

The second email I saw under the unknown on the website and thought it would be appropriate to also publish since these comments come from soldiers. When Jason sent his in, I do not know since dates are not included but it was a while ago since we are out of Afghanistan.

The point here is that these two soldiers are far from the only two to have sent me testimonials. Maybe these comments will be heard by someone of authority who can act for the benefit of the soldiers.


As many/most of you know there is the NBA champion series is taking place now.

I am tired of the talking heads referring to several members of the Miami Heat in a derogatory manner when they say they are undrafted players. So, what, they have assisted the Miami Heat team to easily win the three teams rated as #’s 1,2 and 3 above them. They are now playing in the championship series.

They are professional basketball players that have worked very hard to get where they are. They should be spoken of in complimentary terms!

The Denver Nuggets are quite a team. They have a big man who actually plays the center position. He gets the ball a lot and scores a lot. He knows the closer you are to the basket the higher the percentage the shot will go in. Yes, I know he occasionally shots three point shots but not very often.

He is in away a reincarnation of Wilt Chamberlin. He never left the center position because it was closer to the basket and that is why he scored so much. One year he averaged 50.4 points per game.

Something else to consider about these teams. The Heat are located at sea level while the Nuggets are a mile high. When the Heat come to Denver, they are breathing thinner air so, their bodies work harder. When the Nuggets go to Miami, they are super charged with the richer oxygenated air so their bodies work easier.

The area of the game that is affected the most by this atmospheric condition is defense. The Nugget defense was very tough in game 3 and will again be the same in game 4. Of course, the big guy is also super charged on offense so he will be even harder to guard.

I do not believe for one minute this series will be a cake walk for the Nuggets, but I do think they are/should be the favorite team to win.

That said we do not know what those “undrafted” players will do.

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