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Hi Jerry,

FYI - About a year ago, I ordered a $10,000 item that came in a "Signature Required" box. It was shipped "Signature Required", and I was home watching for it.

The doorbell rang so I immediately stood up and walked from my office to the front door expecting to see the UPS guy standing at the door waiting for me to sign.

As I opened the door, he was scratching something on his electronic pad as he walked back to his truck, leaving the package laying on the doorstep. I stopped him and asked, "Wasn't this shipped Signature Required?"

He said, "Oh ya, I already signed for it." I then asked him, doesn’t "Signature Required" mean that "the customer signs for it?"

His reply... "Oh ya, well we just sign it for you. ALL the drivers do that."


At that point I politely but sternly informed him that "there is a REASON certain items are shipped "Signature Required" and that it must be signed by the specific person on the label, etc.

My point is... "Signature Required" means nothing to UPS drivers. This is not just one driver but ALL of them out of that distribution center.

Service in America just isn't what it used to be. There are a few good Service companies left, like Wiggys, but others are falling away.

So, beware of "Signature Required". Make sure the specific person on that package actually signs for the parcel. If they do not, then we need to raise Hell with UPS or whomever the carrier is.


Mark Hillen

Cedaredge Colorado

Mark is an exceptionally good customer and has been coming to Wiggy’s for years. Cedaredge is about fifty miles away.

My first comment is that we do not use UPS.

I called my Federal Express representative and read this email to him. I told him I was going to publish it as well.

When you receive a package via FedEx signature required it is recorded and I can go into the FedEx website and see it. If a driver does what Mark wrote he will be fired.

If a package goes missing and a signature is recorded then we have to go to the delivery office and find out who signed for the package. In this situation Federal Express is ultimately responsible. I know of no other way to service my customers with the best possible service.

Jeff my representative will be here Monday to give me a list of options to share with my customers about how to make other arrangements if necessary.


All of the synthetic [polyester fiberfill] insulated sleeping bags that are available in all of the retail stores across America are made in Asia. All of them have a temperature rating published on their hang tags and all of those temperature ratings are fictitious.

We know the Wiggy’s bags insulated with Lamilite are accurately temperature rated and are helped in making the temperature ratings possible because all of the moisture that a user generates is able to easily escape from the bag through the Lamilite insulation.

Lamilite insulation is a polyester fiberfill just like all of the chopped staple polyester fiberfill other companies use except for the structure. Lamilite is as we know a continuous filament fiber and the way the structure is made is layering the fibers on top of each other. This means there is space between the fibers. The space between the fibers is the diameter of a strand of hair. But it is sufficient to allow the moisture while in a vapor state to move away from you.

The structure of chopped staple fiber is the same as cotton balls. The fibers are interwound into each other so there is no space between the bulk of the fibers, about 90 percent. It is for this reason the moisture as a vapor not only does not escape as it does in the Lamilite but when enough moist vapor cools it condenses so you have water building with in the insulation. The more water that develops the more heat lose that takes place. People with these no sleep sleeping bags look for someplace to air to dry them. Since moisture does not stay in a Wiggy bag airing to dry them is unnecessary. To prove my point, in 1986 an expedition led by Will Steger called “Journey to the Top of the World” used sleeping bags made by Sierra Designs that were stuffed with Quallofil a product made by DuPont at that time. The original weight of the bags were fifteen pounds each and over the course of the trip they gained thirty-five pounds of ice [frozen water]. The expedition started on March 8, 1986, from Ward Hunt Island, Canada and they arrived at the North Pole, Alaska in May 1986. It was arctic conditions the whole trip. Because the Quallofil was so densely stuffed into the bags there was zero chance any moisture could possibly escape. Do the same trip today the same time of year with Wiggy’s Antarctic bags and you will be fine without any ice accumulation.

When you remove a Wiggy bag from its stuff sack all you do is shake it to fluff it. With a chopped staple fiberfill used in a no sleep sleeping bag after the first couple of times it is removed from the stuff sack shaking it does little and as time goes by shaking does nothing to revive it.

This is the reality of using a chopped staple fiberfill bag, all of the different brands that are available in rei, dicks, bass pro, cabelas and all the rest will function the same way and the colder it gets the worse off you are.

Down bags perform equal!!!!! 



    Backpacking quilts are all the rage now, but you don't need one if you have this Wiggy's 40 degree bag. The Lamilite drapes well, it is cut roomy, and when it is zipped all the way down you still have the foot box to tuck your feet into. It is cheaper than most of the purpose-made quilts, and of course it is made in USA. As with all Wiggy's products, the quality is impeccable.

    – Mountain Pete

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