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more testimonials and basketball

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This past spring, I went on a hike with some friends in the rain. Most of them had goretex or some knock off jacket which they wore in the rain. I simply took an umbrella. I had my Ducksback jacket in my pack just in case and I put it on early in the hike but took it off as I did not need it. Everyone else was soaked from the rain and sweat. I was fine and dry with my Lamilite socks and umbrella. I had to chuckle watching my friends miserable in their high-tech gear. Love your Lamilite socks. I wear them in the heat and cold and my feet are perfectly dry even if my boots get soaked (no goretex)


I thought it comical that Jared had an umbrella. Thank you for your comment about the use of the socks in heat as well as cold.

Well Made and Warm

The best sleeping bag I have ever seen or slept in. Nothing at REI, Cabelas or Bass Pro Shops compares to the quality and warmth and comfort of this USA made bag. I loved it and the comforter so much I am buying more for the rest of my family for camping. Lamilite is the real deal and Wiggy makes a top quality product!!


Justin thank you for being an ongoing customer.


As many of you know I have been a basketball fan since about the age of 10 or 11. I had the good fortune of living in NYC and a television set. I watched the NY Nicks play all of the teams back then and ultimately as the league developed.

Recently I have as many of you heard the talking heads debate who was/is the best player ever. They avoid recognizing that basketball is a team sport. The player who scores the most points is not the best player.

The player who works best with his teammates and ultimately his team wins. The first player to play with a team that worked with him was Bill Russell. They did win, need I say more. So, he was the best player!

However, there is one player that I put along side Bill Russell in the best ever category, Larry Bird. I did not see Bill Russell as often as I saw Larry Bird and there was a difference Larry Bird did many more things never at the expense of his teammates. To understand how good, he was all you have to do view the many videos of his play. There are no videos of this magnitude about any other player.

Both of these men played for the Boston Celtics.

Now there is a third player who is close, and he is Magic Johnson.

The difference between these three men is the fact that they never hogged the ball.

Over the years players have come along and been successful but none played the game as these three did, with the rest of the team.

So, the talking heads can keep it up but once you go past these three everyone else is second.

Currently the best player in the league is Steph Curry because aside from being the most accurate of shooters he gets the best out of his teammates because he plays with them to their best advantage.

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