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more testimonials and consideration of ordering for the future

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I bought a mated set of your pads back in 1999 when I also ordered a Nautilus and Camper I Hunter size 25* bag. From 1999 till about two years ago I only used one of your ground pads to sleep on whether on the ground or on a cot.

You may remember my friend Joe who called you a few years ago looking for bags for he and his son for a backpacking trip to the Philmont Scout Ranch in NM. He bought your 0* bags... To show you how ineffective even your great bags are when there is inadequate insulation under you, Joe went elk hunting in Colorado two years ago. It was 8 miles in by a very bad road. They were staying in unheated tents on cots that had no pads on them....and at 20* the whole bunch of them about froze that night. They hauled back out the next day and bought some pads for the tops of the cots and slept fine after that until being driven out by an early blizzard.

I have slept on top of ice crusted snow at 8* with only your standard thickness pad under me and have never been cold between me and the ground. I also always use the pad under me when on a cot even in the summertime as it is more comfortable with the pad than without.

That said, as the bones get old, I have added a lightweight air mattress under the pad but will never go anywhere without the pad as if the air mattress goes flat, I'll still get a decent night’s sleep....


Bob is a long-time customer and has numerous Wiggy products. I have previously published his testimonials.

Hi Jerry,

Saw this in my inbox while having Coffee this morning.

I'm thinking to myself, "You too can freeze your behind off just like you did (or your father did) 25 - 30 years ago with recycled bad ideas using down and Gore-tex".

I bought that exact same Yellow Parka with fashionable Gore-Tex and "pit-zips" because the crappy Gore-Tex doesn't really work.

Try grabbing at those "pit-zips" in a blowing wind with a mitten or gloved hand on a snowy mountaintop, while your bathing in your own perspiration.

Also, this angle they're using to recycle goose-down or polyester, what does it cost both in money and to the environment to sanitize and re-manufacture outerwear?

I just recycled my 10-year-old Barren Grounds Parka, in the clothes washer (and good as new), and gave it to my brother after buying a Ducksback sweater and Urban Antarctic Parka.


Patrick Gray

The ad Patrick sent to me was for North Face recycled down parkas. Too long to publish.

It is always encouraging for a manufacturer to receive testimonials from users of the products the manufacturer makes and sells. I do not believe that the other companies serving the outdoor marketplace receive testimonials which suggests to me their customers are not satisfied with the products for one reason or another; but mainly because they do not perform as advertised.

As I have said for year’s I encourage my customers to write to me with their experiences as both Bob and Patrick have done today. I also like to know the success stories form people for the different products we make at Wiggy’s.

Now for an update on production and lead times for products. While it is not yet cold many are preparing for the up coming winter which some climatologists are predicting or suggesting will be a cold one and possibly longer than usual. Of course, I would like to see their predictions come true, I am a capitalist you know. But I will take whatever sales I get gratefully.

That said, consider ordering clothing items as they take longer for us to produce than sleeping bags. thanking you in advance for such considerations.

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