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new miracle sock

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Just one more company that does not understand because they do not know the importance of keeping feet dry in all seasons. They are introducing a line of winter socks.

Gordini entered the performance sock category for Fall 2023, introducing socks for men and women in the ski and hiking categories.

Having invested in an Italian knitting technology that strategically aligns yarns for performance and comfort in the knitting process, Gordini brings its proprietary applications, previously limited to medical accessories, to the active outdoor consumer.

The gloves they sell are not made in the USA and now we know neither will their socks.

The Gordini sock collection features its SoleKnit dual-layer construction and OrbitKnit ribbing technology.

SoleKnit layered technology uses performance fibers and isolates their application to specific zones of the foot, to combine a soft, moisture-wicking interior with a strong, durable exterior. The construction merges two fiber layers into a single knit to create a quilted effect,

increasing thermal benefits, breathability and moisture transfer.

The dual construction of knitted materials is not new, it has been done for years. Other sock manufacturers have done the same thing that is to apply different zones to their socks. Here it becomes interesting and lets you know they do not understand that their socks will not function as they claim. They do not state the fiber they use which they would have if it were wool. Therefore, I have to assume it is synthetic [polyester or nylon, not that it matters]. Their socks will not have any thermal benefits, will allow vapor to move through the sock structure where it will condense to water and coat all of the fibers of the sock. It will appear as if the fabric has absorbed the moisture as wool will. The moisture will not be transferred anywhere, it will be trapped in the footwear you are wearing just like all other socks and you will experience cold feet.

“While we have been innovating performance outdoor gear for several decades, in order to enter the sock category, we needed to set ourselves apart,” said Gordini President David Gellis. “ We found a game-changing knit that had previously only been used for medical purposes. We saw great potential to leverage its performance, fit and comfort benefits with our outdoor users. Gordini’s mission has always been to keep you outside longer, and every detail of these socks is designed to do just that.”

The knit material is used for medical purposes which means the items made from this material probably socks are worn indoors, not outdoors, I suspect. I am willing to bet that david never wore these new socks he is selling. He is not setting himself or his company apart from the rest of the field but joining the rest of the field of sock companies that make wool, wool blend, or synthetic socks all of which perform exactly the same, they retain moisture and all wearers experience the same cold feet regardless of the brand worn.

As an aside note the cold weather gloves giordini sells aren’t any better than these socks will.

I used to write buyer beware, but now i say buyer become educated.


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