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For several months I have seen popups of these so sleep sleeping bags on many channels I log on to. I never see Wiggy’s bags. I guess you have to pay a fee. To some to get this to happen. I do not pay any fees.

All of these different brands of no sleep sleeping bags have several things in common aside from the fact that they are “no sleep sleeping bags.”

I thought about naming the brands but it wouldn’t matter since they all share the same things.

Number one which is the most important thing is they are all made with chopped staple polyester fiberfill.

Because the “insulation”? is chopped staple fiberfill it must be quilted to keep it in place. Since the bags are not launder-able, if you did the fiberfill would separate throughout the bag. In use this separation occurs anyway. The price of any of these no sleep sleeping bags is immaterial, when it is quilted the same thing always happens.

Number two the chopped staple fiber will collapse down [gets thinner allover] therefore whatever insulation existed it mostly goes away and the temperature rating that was incorrect gets worse.

Number three is the reality, fact that the advertised temperature ratings are outrageously a lie. When I was in the army reserves I bought like all the other guys quilted polyester sleeping bags and they were great in the summer but come winter we all froze even with our clothing. Nothing has changed since the 60’s when I was a reservist using those no sleep sleeping bags, and trust I learned that I wasn’t going to get sleep.

Number four all the quilt stitches are equal cold spots in all of these no sleep sleeping bags.

Number five has to do with country of origin. China, Vietnam, Bangladesh or who knows where. These factories are told what to make, they are told what fabrics to use and what fiberfill to use [the cheapest you can find]. The fabrics are saturated with chemicals. I know this because chemically sensitive people are calling more frequently asking if we use chemically treated fabric which we don’t. But they tell me the no sleep sleeping bags are made with chemically treated fabrics.

Thirty-seven years ago, when I was still in S.C. I ran an ad in backpacker magazine stating to buy any other bag [I didn’t say no sleep sleeping bag back then] you were wasting your money. That has not changed in all of these years. Today I include down bags in the mix. They too are erroneously overrated about their temperature rating.

Many years ago, backpacker magazine gave three young men who did a lot of backpacking three -30 F rated down bags. Backpacker to my surprise published their article where they said they were all cold in these down bags with their clothing at 0 degrees F. having read the article I called and spoke to one of the testers he said they rotated using the bags and all had the same result, they were cold. I told him he should have taken my ultima thule. 

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