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not good for your health

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The following article is actually an advertisement by the HeiQ company. Thai company is a chemical company that has created in their minds chemicals that when added to fabrics made for clothing enhance the cloth in a myriad of ways such as making the water repellent, kill odors to name two. Now they have one flat out remarkable chemical that does the impossible!!!

HeiQ and Standard Fibers to announce next generation bio-based “starts cool, stays cool” fabric technology at Heimtextil

HeiQ adds bio-based thermo-functional polymer products to their HeiQ Smart Temp family for a full range of intelligent thermoregulation triggered by body heat. The newly introduced products add dual-action cooling at contact to the already successful dynamic evaporative cooling technology.

What are they talking about? “Dual-action cooling at contact to the already dynamic evaporative technology”. What does this mean? Other than the body being cooled by natural evaporative cooling the only way it can be enhanced is if you stand in front of a fan.
Launched in 2011, HeiQ Smart Temp was a pioneer in intelligent thermoregulation technology for textiles. Continuous refinements of this product range have allowed HeiQ to be the go-to solution provider as its technologies offer not only industry-leading dynamic evaporative cooling performance, but also ease of application and a friendly price point for brand partners.

The only thing HeiQ is a pioneer in is the many different ways they can present I suspect only one chemical that does in their warped minds many different things. Chemicals have no effect on thermoregulation. Adding chemicals to fabrics means nothing to the way the fabric works. Like Sunoco years ago, one chemical with different prices.

The latest breakthrough with cool touch technology allows consumers to touch, feel and understand the technology at point-of-sale, and ensures thermal comfort at all times by providing the benefits of cool at contact and continuous evaporative cooling. It is currently optimized for use on home textile products such as mattress ticking and bed linens. All HeiQ Smart Temp products are Oeko-Tex® Class 1-4 conform, bluesign® and USDA BioPreferred pending.

The latest breakthrough of what? Consumers will not know a damn thing about the fabric when they touch it. Who is going to sit there and tell them of this miraculous technology, no one! when you are home and get into your bed ALL of your moisture migrates through your 100 percent cotton sheets and your blanket or comforter. Have you every noticed it being wet? The companies noted are their friends so they agree with them. I hope the usda walks from this non-sense.

As the demand for thermo-functional polymer applications continues to grow, HeiQ created HeiQ Iberia to focus on this product development. There are three new products (two more in the pipeline) in the range that all provide instant cooling from a bio-based thermo-functional polymer, and each product is optimized to perform on specific items such as mattress ticking or bedding accessories. By adding a new category of products to the range, HeiQ now has a broad range of intelligent thermoregulation solutions for home textile market. HeiQ is launching these products for home textiles with their partner Standard Fiber at Heimtextil Frankfurt (7-10 January 2020).

There is no demand for “thermo-polymer applications” they are trying to create one. it will never happen. Apparently, they are having limited success in the outdoor industry so they are trying the home furnishing market.

“We have more and more business developing around temperature-regulating technologies”, says Sandy Gray, CEO at Standard Fiber LLC. “To support our mission of continuously introducing new technologies and innovations to our customers, we are excited to work with HeiQ and present HeiQ Cool Touch technologies to our customers to elevate and differentiate their products in the market”.

Your HeiQ Team

HeiQ Smart Temp is a family of revolutionary textile technologies providing fabrics with the ability to dynamically respond to body heat. The cooling function is activated when you are hot and sweaty and deactivated once cooling is complete.

Just one more chemical company trying to impose their product on us citizens of the free world with more and more chemicals to leach into our skin so we can become more and more chemically sensitive. It is up to each and every one of us to refuse to buy products that are detrimental to our health.

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