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Great Sleeping Bag.

This sleeping bag is good stuff - purchased to replace a useless Coleman bag. I've used this one at Palo Duro Canyon State Park and Big Bend State Park so far, both in the dead of winter with ice storms, and have been very pleased with it.
The zipper is robust - it definitely won't be failing anytime soon. I'm 5'9 / 210lbs, and the regular/wide is perfectly sized for me, as a reference point for sizing. Really robust insulation - This bag kept me comfortable down into the lower 20s. Springs back from compression like new. It's absolutely worth every ounce that it adds to the pack and every penny.
My only constructive criticism would be that I wish the stuff sack were of a slightly more robust material.

Thanks for creating such a quality product made the way it should be - that's hard to find these days.

– K

Renegade Mittens - Durable and Warm

I've had the Renegade mittens for 10 years. These are my go to mittens for snow-blowing and shoveling. Still warm and in perfect condition.

– Ken Robinson

I'm in St Louis, where we experience a wide range of temperatures and snow/ice conditions. I work outside all year delivering food on a bicycle and an electric scooter. I ride my scooter all year as long as the roads are nice. It was 2F degrees here, and with my Wiggys Urban Antarctic parka, and ONLY one US Military "waffle shirt (level2) I can EASILY survive my scooter ride.

The Super Mittens held up to temps as well. This is an amazing product. I am so balmy-warm at 8 F degrees, i just can’t believe it.

Someone was actually yelling at me, telling me how dangerous it was to be on a scooter at 2F, (and 20mph wind, 17.5 mph scooter). I told him I’m wearing Wiggys and I’m ok, while passing him by on the scooter.

Wiggys will save your life if power ever goes out. All you need is JUST ONE shirt and you are perfectly warm; that is the most unbelievable part about it. When you zip the parka up fully, even at 2F a facemask is not necessary. .

The way it fits is amazing .If you zip it up to the neck, there is extra insulation in the neck/hood area to keep your neck warm, and you really don’t need a scarf. I have received many compliments on this coat, the women seem to really love it (just wait until I get the polar bear/fox/ wolverine combo ruff!)

Every farmer who has to work in the cold needs one of these; every single one of them. It is durable and can withstand working in it. Another amazing fact of the Wiggys Urban Antarctic is its operating range. I can wear this coat in freaky St Louis weather when it is 60-70F and not burn up. It has a temperature range of -20F to 70F. I'm perfectly warm at 2F with -19F wind-chill, plus my scooter wind. Thank you to everyone at Wiggys for working so hard to make these coats

Carhart (the Big C) will rob you of your heat. It is like wearing aluminum foil the way it conducts the cold. Then you have to buy all these shirts and pull overs and hoodies to stay warm, but you can’t stay warm, because the Carhart bibs and coat sucks the heat right out of you, Then, gets wet and even colder. It is a losing situation that can kill you if find yourself with no heat. I wasted sooo much money on that Carhart crap in the past. I have actually injured myself wearing too many garments trying to stay warm.

With Wiggys, all I need is only one shirt. If it get to about -20F and the wind picks up I would need the wind shirt. It is an ingenious cold weather system worth buying I highly recommend this to anyone who wants to not freeze to death. You never know when your car is going to break down, or how long a tow may be, or if your power goes out.

– Scott

I am very appreciative to my customers who take the time to write to me about their experiences using the products we make at Wiggy’s. As my readers may the stories are getting longer which keeps me from having to think of things to write about. However, there are subject on the table so to speak waiting.

Thank you to K, Ken and Scott.

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