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others want in on the action of wiggy's

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A customer sent me a link to an eBay site selling one of my Marpat Super Light sleeping bags for $225.00. The bag shown in the picture is just that. However, I have never done business with this company nor have I ever heard of the company. They have several bags of mine shown on their web site for much higher prices than I show on my web site. I wrote to the individual who sent me the link that I sell the Marpat Super Light for $120.00 delivered to any location in the lower 48 states. Once in a while someone would write about seeing a bag on amazon but again, they are not now or ever will be a customer.

I am very pleased to know that I am getting free advertising.


I was thinking about the bugout bags that a number of people have called about getting a sleeping bag to fit in one. I now have a better idea for you, get the B-52 survival kit. If you look at it on the web site you will notice there is a stuff sack that comes with the kit. The stuff sack size is 20 x 16 x 8 inches.

As I see it if the need to bugout happens this kit which takes up less space than a zero-degree sleeping bag will when worn over clothing give you protection to zero degrees easily. When I first made the kit it was tested at Elmendorf AFB Alaska for two winters before the Air Force approved the kit for use in all of its aircraft. Recently the kit was approved for use on the new F-35 fighters after the Air Force tested the kit at Eielson AFB Alaska, which you can read if you haven’t in articles published in Stars and Stripes and Popular Mechanics. I reprinted them in recent articles where they tested them in a cold chamber and found they performed as low as -65 F when they were only seeking -40 F.

The beauty of the kit is that you can wear it when moving versus carrying a sleeping bag, if necessary. You will have the extra warmth of garments in cold weather conditions. The multicam material is also coated so it is waterproof. This whole system is made from materials that are non-combustible as like all Wiggy products.

Speaking of non-combustible materials, the Novasuede is just that. I believe its original use was in the furniture marketplace where the materials have to be fire retardant or non-combustible. In the published information that I have had in my office since 1995 when I made the first Fossil Ridge parka for my self it lists the tests that it passes with flying colors to include the California Cal 133 test.

When I was lost, I was wearing my Fossil Ridge parka and I have small several hole burns in it from the sparks that came out of the fires I made. Until now I never gave it much thought, but I am glad to report to all who have purchased the Fossil Ridge parka it is not combustible.

Shortly I will make a video of the survival kit showing how it works. While I think sometimes that I know a lot I do know a lot about what I do but I do not know everything and working with the Air Force survival instructors whose mission it is to present to pilots the best possible survival gear by trying it themselves.

When they tested these kits at Eielson they were as were the Elmendorf survival instructors wearing what the pilots would be wearing if they had to eject. In this manner they the instructors would have a good idea what the pilot was going to experience if he had to eject.

Trust me I would not know how well or poorly my product would perform if it weren’t for these survival instructors since I am not out there myself any longer doing the testing. So, as much as I do know I do not know everything, I am still learning.

Over the last 32 years of Wiggy’s existence I have tried to give credit where credit is due to the people who have provided me with information about the performance of my products and suggestions that have been implemented that have made my products better.

So, I am grateful to those in the Air Force who have demonstrated that products I have made for them are capable of performing better than I personally would have expressed in the first place if asked.

Now if I only had the same relationship with the other services; ultimately, they too would be better off or let's say the grunts would be better off

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