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our hypothermia bag

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The following article appeared in the Calgary CTV NEWS July 6, 2020. The incident described below took place on July 5.

CALGARY -- A man, a woman and a child were pulled from a central Alberta lake and transported to hospital Sunday night after their canoe capsized.

Emergency crews were called to Abraham Lake — approximately 130 kilometres southwest of Rocky Mountain House — shortly after 8 p.m. after someone witnessed three people stranded in the water.

With poor cell service in the area, the witness had to lose sight of the canoeists and relocate in order to make the call of 911.

Rocky Mountain Search and Rescue, Clearwater Regional Fire, RCMP and EMS arrived and the three canoeists were rescued from the water. The three were transported to hospital by ambulance. Their conditions have not been confirmed.

According to Clearwater Fire officials, the man, woman and youth — ages not confirmed — were in the water for roughly 90 minutes and all three were wearing life jackets.

I received a call from a member of the Clearwater Regional Fire Department who is also with the RMSAR organization ordering 4 of our Hypothermia bags. he told me about the rescue that you have just read where the people were put in the Wiggy’s Hypothermia bags which saved their lives. The water temperature was about 5o degrees F. He did tell me the youth was a 9-year-old girl.

Our Hypothermia bag has two Canadian National Stock Numbers, it also has a US National Stock Number. They are published on the Wiggy’s website with the Hypothermia bag.

I was to say the least delighted to hear the story and when I asked if he would write it up, he told me he had just e mailed me the newspaper article.

I proceeded to tell him that the Hypothermia bag has always been sold at the wholesale price because its sole purpose is to save lives. Years ago, I would receive an order from a retailer and when he received the Hypothermia bag, he would what price he should sell it for because the price I charged him was the same as the web site. I thought he was with an SAR organization. I told him the price was the wholesale price for the SAR groups. So, he donated it.

The Wiggy’s Hypothermia bags are used by the Coast Guard in Kodiak AK. Sometimes I have seen the program on the weather channel and have seen victims put in the Wiggy’s Hypothermia bag. we have supplied many to Coast Guard bases all over the USA. they are also used on Denali.

We sell several hundred a year in Canada, we have sold a large number going to the Maritime Provence’s.

Years ago, I received a call from a SAR guy who was involved in a rescue of a young woman and here I am guessing she was in her 20’s. she snowboarded over a ridge I guess and could not get back up. She was out over night and when the SAR guys found her, they called for a chopper. The Coast Guard chopper could not land or get into a proper attitude to pull her out so they dropped their Wiggy’s Hypothermia bag down. they put her in the bag and started to walk out. After about an hour she toll the SAR guys she was warm and comfortable.

I now there are many more stories of people being rescued and survived because of the Hypothermia bags.

If you are with an SAR organization and do not have a Wiggy’s Hypothermia now may be the time to order one. 

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