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The best cold weather parka I have ever owned!!

For the past 30 years, I have used the Gore-Tex-Thinsulate combination to keep warm in cold weather. One thing that I have always noticed is that if I stay in the weather for more any length of time, I am always clammy and chilled on the inside. I wrote this off as a condition of cold weather gear. Not anymore. I got my Wiggy's Antarctic Parka yesterday and the weather was in the teens. I took off everything except my jeans and my knit shirt. I put on the parka and went outside. All parts of my body that were under that parka were super warm... I never ever got a chill and I was in weather that hovered around 12˚ F PLUS wind. I was "snug as a bug" and it blew me away. I wish I would have known about Wiggy's 30 years ago when I was in the military!
I own multiple sleeping bags, mittens, fish net underwear, booties, multiple Lamilite socks, a jacket liner (which is so comfortable, I just wear it around the house at night before bed time) and I own his new boots. All of these products are top notch and I am so sorry for the military soldiers and Marines that don't have these products for the field. I remember freezing my butt off during winter but I don't freeze anymore. Great job, Jerry! Keep building it in America!!

– Chris Craigie

Awesome booties!

I've had the pair of Booties for around a year so I thought it was time for a review. In a word they're awesome! Occasionally I take them out camping but most of the time I wear them around the house as slippers. When the weather is very cold I'll also wear them to bed. No more cold feet, ever! In addition to being very warm they're quite comfy. The liner and exterior is the same taffeta as the bags are made from; it's very soft on your skin and warms almost instantly to the temperature of your skin. The soles are very sturdy and abrasion resistant. You'll have no issues at all wearing them around outside while camping.
The Booties are a truly superb product! Everyone should have a pair.

– Rob Babcock

Hi, Jerry!

Very much enjoy being on your email list. I learn quite a bit, and it keeps me experimenting and trying to consider my own data.

A few years ago, I purchased a Triple Aught Design jacket/hoodie made of Scholler's c _change® fabric "An advanced wind and waterproof membrane that reacts to changing temperatures, closing when exposed to cold and opening in response to heat to ensure a pleasant body climate." The layout of the jacket with pockets and such is excellent, the cut fits well. I would be interested in your take on the fabric. Having problems with the zipper, and it hasn't seen the service this year as last. At the end of last winter, I had your fishnets introduced into service. Using them again this year, and, honestly, its amazing how they can make crappy clothing warm. My most recent experience was close to home snow-blowing, and I wore my Wiggy's fishnet top, bottom, and Lamilite socks under rubber boots, a sweatshirt, nylon sweat pants, a crummy nylon Chinese work coat, and a good hat. Warm and dry in 0*F weather.

Dave of Burlington, WI.


Starting on Wednesday I will be filming a video to be shown on my You Tube web site from my laboratory as to how it works so to speak. I will also show some of the products that I currently make that will be converted to products that utilize the DUCKSBACK material which will make these products better than they currently are.

I am very excited to show off my new laboratory since I have been reading about all of these companies and Universities that have one. My laboratory will demonstrate quite succinctly how well the DUCKSBACK material works.

I expect to have the video posted by Friday the 23rd of December, at least I hope so.

With respect to the three testimonials I cannot express the pleasure I get from knowing how well my products perform. Obviously I as the manufacturer will always speak highly of what I make but when my customers relate to me their experience it is much more telling.

So, a great thank you too; Chris, Rob and Dave.

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