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How many of you remember a product named “outlast”? If not here is a quick history. NASA created micro encapsulating paraffin and applied these beads of paraffin to surfaces in space craft. The idea was the paraffin would absorb heat [the paraffin would get soft when it absorbed the heat and them would get hard when it sent the heat back to the source.

This company outlast decided to apply the microencapsulated beads of paraffin to fabric. This was in the 1990’s I believe. I read about it and called them. I asked if they had any sample fabric I could use for the lining of gloves. They sent me a brushed tricot. I made a dozen pair of gloves and sent them with a dozen pair of my nylon lined gloves. All had L-6 Lamilite. All were sent to an army base in Alaska dismantling a radar station. Temperatures were mild, in the zero degree range. The soldiers wearing these gloves couldn’t distinguish the difference between the nylon lined gloves or the tricot lined gloves. They all had cold hands. I did not expect any different result. Gloves are not good at zero degrees!!!

I also said what they are saying about their product defies the laws of physics. HEAT MOVES AWAY FROM THE SOURCE OF HEAT; IT DOES NOT TURN AROUND AND GO BACK TO THE SOURCE.

Now they have a new advertising campaign that is remarkable.


Up to 48% less sweating thanks to Outlast®* temperature regulating fabrics

This first sentence tells you need to have a shovel handy.

Microencapsulated natural wax can be applied to almost any textile material thanks to various procedures developed by Outlast. This is probably true. The following is the start of the need for the shovel. These capsules can capture and store body heat, forming a natural heat buffer. Yes, they do capture [?] how about absorb the body heat. They do not form an “natural heat buffer.” Overheating and the start of sweat production can thus be efficiently avoided. This statement comes from an idiot. If you are over heating sweating is an action that cools the body. Conventional heat management systems try to channel the sweat that develops and wick it away from the body. Conventional heat management systems work very well, wicking works.

Outlast® temperature regulating materials start working even before the moisture is created. I for one would like to know how these beads of paraffin can sense the sweat [moisture being created], and therefor stop it. Are you using that shovel yet? In this way, the amount of sweat can be significantly reduced. They are so full of themselves they will say anything regardless of how stupid it is and this last sentence is just that. Independent studies confirm a reduction of up to 48%*. Another stupid statement that cannot be proven. And the highlight: If the body temperature falls again, for example due to reduced physical activity, the natural wax in the temperature regulating material clothing releases the stored heat again. Despite fluctuating external temperatures, the user can thus always enjoy a wonderfully balanced climate. Here they are trying to explain how the law of physics reverses and sends heat back to the source.


Our thermal technology

The Outlast® thermo-technology usually utilizes the user’s body heat. This heat liquefies the microencapsulated wax, thereby preventing a further increase in temperature, as the thermal energy is used in the process of changing the wax’s physical state. Thus, the temperature regulating fabric is able to significantly reduce the user’s heat peak, resulting in improved comfort and the reduction of sweat formation by up to 48%.

And this process works both ways. As the body cools, the wax goes back to its solid state and thereby releases heat. The result: Our temperature regulating insulation fabric permanently achieves a comfortable temperature, regardless of changing external temperatures and influences.

Temperature regulating fabric for clothing

Our temperature regulating fabric/material can be used in different kinds of clothing. Whether it is used in footwear, in jackets or gloves – it will be feeling just right. By adding the temperature regulating, insulated fabric to your products, you offer your customers an increase in value regarding both functionality and comfort.

I have read these last three paragraphs and come to the conclusion they keep saying the same thing over and over again. They know it is non-sense but they are trying to convince themselves that they have something that works. The more you read their B/S the more you can use that shovel. What I don't get is how they have outlasted their B/S.

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