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I once called simms company and spoke with a woman representative and asked how the goretex product could allow perspiration out of the waders when the waders were being worn while walking in a stream where the water temperature may be 50 degrees. She said she has worn them and that is how they work. I then added the fact that if the moisture i.e. sweat inside the waders as a vapor reached the inside of the wader it would condense and therefore never get out. She became disgruntled with me as I expected. I finished the conversation by telling her what she claimed to experience never happened. However, as you will later read, they admit this happens.

Below is all of the information I could find on the bass pro website about the new simms g-4 wader and g-4z wader.

“Simms G4 Pro GORE-TEX Stockingfoot Waders for Men

With its multi-layer GORE-TEX® Pro Shell fabric and quality Simms® design, the G4 Pro™ stockingfoot wader is one of the best waders you can buy. Built to be better, the G4 Pro utilizes lightweight, yet extremely strong, GORE-TEX 3-layer Pro Shell fabric for your body's pivot point areas. The G4 Pro utilizes ultra quiet GORE-TEX 5-layer Pro Shell fabric in the high abrasion areas through the legs, seat, and waist for unmatched durability. Built for the most demanding anglers, this high-performance wader features ultra-comfortable, stretch spacer mesh and elastic suspenders with built-in, low profile belt loops and a 2'' elastic belt with Simms Trout side-release buckle. These high-performance waders also feature lined handwarmer pockets, big zippered chest pockets, and built-in gravel guards made of ultra abrasion-resistant material. Flip-out tippet tender pocket includes patented built-in retractor. Color: Greystone. Made in USA.
Manufacturer model #: 10329.

High performance Simms wader for the most demanding angler

5-layer and 3-layer GORE-TEX Pro Shell breathable and waterproof fabric construction

Ultra-quiet 5-layer fabric in high abrasion areas through the legs, seat, and waist”

I know a great deal about lamination and I know when you laminate a PTFE film which is what goretex is the adhesive clogs the holes of the film on each successive layer of lamination. A 3-layer composite means 2 laminations and a 5-layer composite means a 4-layer lamination. With each lamination more of the holes are clogged with adhesive.

It is widely known that the vapor from a person’s body on dry land does not go through the goretex laminated fabric. The same is true for every copycat product claiming to accomplish the same action as goretex. If it were actually true and it isn’t by any stretch of the imagination that a person’s perspiration could not as a vapor move through these laminated composites on dry land how is it possible that the perspiration stay as a vapor and move through a material that is surrounded by water?

The answer to the question is that the vapor cannot get through the 3- or 5-layer composite. As a matter of fact if you were to laminate a screen such as is used on a screen door to a nylon fabric and made a fly-fishing wader just like the simms wader the moisture as a vapor would still not get through the composite. I noted the care instructions for their G4Z model.

GORE-TEX Wader Care:

The #1 tip to prolonging the life of a wader is drying your waders. It is important to dry your waders out after each use. We recommend drying the inside first (if damp) and then the outside. When drying the outside you can pull your gravel guards up until the feet are dry and then flip them down to dry the rest of the wader.

They admit that the inside of the waders get wet when they say “dry the inside first (if damp)” damn right the inside is damp and where the hell did that moisture come from; you who is wearing these waders. And they said it was breathable.

This is the first hint for you that they are politicians not like politicians but politicians!!!!!!

The G4 cost is $529.95 and the G4Z is $619.95. at any price these waders just like every other model they make with goretex is a GROSS WASTE OF MONEY!!!

While I am writing this article a fellow called from Billings, MT. asking about the muk luks. He told me the about his pack boots not keeping his feet warm. I told him to get the tall Sunwalkers and as we spoke, he told me about the various claims made about cold weather boots. I told him these companies were like politicians and his response was “they are full of it”. That led me to think that the gore company is like a politician, you just can’t trust them.

To expound on that thought, what company out there is telling you the truth about the products they sell, they of course don’t make them, they are for the most part made in China. The Chinese are not the problem, the American companies that contract with them to make stuff dictate the materials and the construction techniques to facilitate the cheapest price. So the problem is the American companies. As I have said before the American companies are run by bureaucrats not textile knowledgeable people so the question becomes “who can you trust?” certainly not a politician.

So the grand prize for the most ridiculous use of goretex goes to simms!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

However, you can trust Wiggy’s products as noted below. A testimonial that arrived via e mail today. It is my leaving note.


It has been a while since my last testimonial. Currently I'm spending 17 days in the field, and I hope that you are happy to hear that I'm using multiple products from you to make my life easier.

My sleeping bag of choice is the Super Light. Exactly year ago the Super Light FTRSS system proved itself in temperatures as low as - 35 C. This sleeping bag has performed flawlessly this year too. The Core bag itself fits in to the sleeping bag compartment of my pack easily. Super Light is rugged, warm and easily maintainable sleeping bag, which makes it ideal for military use. My bag has spent a lot of time in the compression bag without any effect on the performance.

Your liner jacket is simply great. I have used it under issued BDU jacket and/or snow camo when driving snowmobile and also when doing more stationary tasks. It compresses really small and it blocks wind surprisingly well. I wish there was liner pants too! Along with the liner jacket the Kodiak Mittens are also great bang for the buck. Basic, warm mittens with reasonable price tag are versatile for skiing, snowmobiling and for other outdoors activities. For shooting I would use Renegade mittens from your line.

I have used your booties a lot during recreation and also when on duty. After long day It's refreshing to remove heavier boots when doing chores in the camp site or in a cabin. Warmth and comfort all the way. I'm wearing them right now as I write this letter. The rubberized soles keep them dry and add durability. Very nice product for many applications.

I hope that the year 2020 will be prosperous for you and your company.

Yours Truly



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