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resellers of my sleeping bags don't exist

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Today July 11, 2022, I received an e mail from a GSA retailer of Wiggy’s bags stating a price for a Backpacker model bag quantity 26 for Mountain Home AFB was too high so they would no longer sell Wiggy’s bags on their GSA contract. The company is Aerial Industries located in National City ,CA.

My response was they would get no sleep sleeping bags from another company for the soldiers which would put their lives in danger.

Aerial Industries employees do not understand that Wiggy’s is a manufacturer and must buy the components. For the past year my costs have increased so my sleeping bags have increased in cost. The price they had for this  bag was over a year ago, actually I do not recall them ever buying this model sleeping bag. They as the reseller do nothing but handle paperwork. They receive a purchase order and then give me a purchase order. Wiggy’s is tasked with fabricating the product and when complete then sending a piece of paper called an invoice. They have done nothing but take an order.

Aerial Industries and every other GSA contractor function EXACTLY the same way.

Not a one of them will tell the customer that they represent Wiggy’s the finest manufacturer of sleeping bags in the world made in AMERICA. They are the only sleeping bags that work!!!

Retailers would never point out all of the attributes of WIGGY’S bags to the consumer either. This is the reason I do not sell retailers aside from the fact they do not pay their bills has been my experience and I am told I am not alone with this experience by other sellers to retailers.

This company is not the first to tell me my prices are too high, so I tell them I will not lose money because they want to sell the government. Their response is they too will not lose money. So, they go with non-functioning poor quality no sleep sleeping bags that are made in Asia. Considering that the companies importing these no sleep sleeping bags are not questioning if they are made with nylon versus what is being imported polyester fabric do not know or would care to know the polyester fabric is combustible. These buying sergeants are not knowledgeable of the difference between a polyester fabric versus the nylon. The potential for a soldier being burned in one of these polyester shell fabrics bag is a concern of mine. It should be mandatory that these sergeants view my “Wiggy’s no burn” sleeping bag video.

Just like the retail store buyers are not concerned about the shell and lining materials, neither are the sergeants in the military concerned who order these imported no sleep sleeping bags. They hide behind the GSA contractors who claim the companies who bring in these no sleep sleeping bags are Berry Amendment compliant. Over the past 25 or so years I have continued to lose GSA representation because these contractors say my prices are too high. My response is a simple one find another American sleeping bag manufacturer, none exists.

I feel for the American soldier who is issued this garbage and finds out once in the field they have been screwed. The only way these sergeants will learn is when one of their own gets burned.

It also important to note all of these companies receive the no sleep sleeping bags with coil zippers that are notorious for breaking.

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