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Hi Jerry,

Just got back from running 5 miles in a pouring rain in 48° weather. This is the first time I really tested the Ducksback material. Wore a fishnet top under a shirt and the Alaska Range Parka shell in Ducksback. The Ducksback worked great! I didn’t overheat and the water just rolled off. There were a few people walking or running in the park but as the rain intensified, they all left, and I was the only guy left and I was fine. Just want to let you know that your stuff works as you say it does. Good luck with the business in this downturn.


Jared Suzuki

Thank you, Jared!

The following appears on the u tube site of Wiggy’s


I don't know/care about the other bags. I bought my Wiggy's bag in 1999 and have never slept cold since. My bag has accompanied me from West Yellowstone to Siberia. Elk hunts to stag parties. Wash it twice a year and it’s like new, every time, never a problem.

It is needless to say wonderful to get testimonials about products I make but the way things are going I dared to say I wonder how much longer it will continue. If people can not get out and about, they will not be using products.

I mentioned not to long ago that I was thinking about building face masks and then I let it go. However, I am going to make one start this week.

If you go to the web site and look at the “insulated head cover” that is what it will look like except it will not be insulated. I have a very soft polyester knit fabric that is as strong as iron so to speak. As I see it, it will not only cover your face below your eyes but also your head. I will start wearing one tomorrow after Kok makes it for me. the knit is very dense so nothing will really get through it. It is so light I doubt you will know you are wearing it when you do wear it.

Before leaving your car to go into a grocery store put it on and when you get back into the car take it off.

Another advantage and there are a few, you could launder it daily if you chose to guaranteeing cleanliness. Durability, like I said the material is incredibly strong so this mask will last after the virus is history. It can also be scrunched up into a little ball and fit in the smallest of spaces.

While writing this article I placed a phone call to a friend telling me a friend of 40 years who lived in Nyack, N.Y. succumbed to the virus. That is why he never returned a call.

So here I am now making a mask that hopefully will perform the task of keeping people alive. So it goes.


I work as an RN in the Bronx, in the middle of Covid central. I go to and from work in street clothes, and keep a weeks worth of scrubs at work with a pair of sneakers that live there. I use my Wiggy's sweater, 6oz. liner, vest, 3oz. liner, vest mixed and matched based on the conditions, but the point of this is that my washer has a sanitize function, laundry detergent, a little bleach, all good. Just another step in my attempt to keep this crap out of my house. So another use for Wiggy's, infection control.

– James Huffaker

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