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several testimonials

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Prefaced by I got this idea from Wiggy himself.


I'd like to posit a concept; EDCing a 40 degree or warmer Wiggy sleeping bag, in my case a 40 degree Freedom bag, chosen specifically because less insulation packs smaller, but it is a Wiggy bag so unlimited max compression without loss of loft, unaffected by wet, it's good for 10-20 degrees lower than the rating and the Freedom bag can be used as a poncho liner, coat or blanket. It is what the jungle bags can't ever be.

Wiggy makes coat liners, his vest and coat liner are L-3 (so combined L-6 ish?) and he makes L-6 and L-12 liners. The theory is, he builds them like his sleeping bags, so they have the same functionality as the bags. I am in the process of putting together a collection of his liners. This allows me to tweak the liners to the worst the season and location can muster. I can layer under anything, they work as well under Filson waxed tin cloth or rubber over canvas commercial fishing rubbers, as they do uncover. Just as the Freedom bags can add 40/20 degrees to my layers, my layers can add an unquantified CLO to the Freedom bag when sleeping. They both compress small, and as previously stated, add shelter, a good pad, water and peanut butter, your good to hunker down in most any conditions.

Hypothermia can happen any time of the year, city or sticks. His liners mitigate hypothermia and his bags, perhaps in concert with his clothes, and air activated hot packs or hot water bottles treat hypothermia, with what your carrying EDC.
This is for all those times that you didn't plan on being lost, cliffed out, stranded, compromised, sick or injured, but you are. It makes things much more viable.

– James Huffaker

The L-6 Liner/Parka

I received my L-6 liner/Parka, let me say this, you will be so thrilled at the weight of in, its non-fancy looks like other well-known trendy brands have, but I put it on, went outside, didn’t feel any cold air from my thighs to my neck area, even though its designed to be a liner for Antarctica, or the other specific parka it’s made for.
The neck area to me could be just a little more closes, but that’s not a deal breaker, I have seen Wiggy's video's and read his newsletter emails, its exactly as advertiser, I can imagine what & how his other products are,,EXCELLENT,,if you want to buy some outstanding made in the USA outdoor, camping gear Wiggy's should be your choice, I’m now convinced no more trendy fancy labeled brands with the fake stuff on the inside claiming to be Duck or Goose down, now back to this Liner on the pockets there’s a little slit top opening to place your stuff,,i.e......... keys, phone....,,it’s not getting wet either,,

– Felix Vaughan

1.Insulated Head Cover

I just received my Insulated Head Cover today.

I couldn't cold test it because I bought it before the cold weather got here, but based on previous experience with other Wiggys products, I have no doubts at all as to how it will perform as far as insulation goes. I have never yet been disappointed by the cold weather (or wet weather) performance of a Wiggys product.

It has a small bib on the front and another on the back, which will add an extra layer of protection against any cold air sneaking past the collar of my jacket. I like that a lot.

The actual size of the hood is large for me, but I am smaller than the average north American male. I dont imagine it would be too small for anybody. There is no elastic or draw string or other means of snugging or adjusting it, so I will probably wear a light skull cap or something similar over the top of it to help keep it where I want it. It seems like it would stay very secure and work well if held in place by a hard hat, but I didn't test that. Since I bought this for use in the oilfields, I'm sure I will end up using it under a hard hat at some point, though.

It also has a face wrap which can be moved out of the way by wrapping around the back of the head to hook and loop when not needed or pulled over the mouth and nose when cold enough. I can already see that there is potential for cold air to slip in under the bottom of the wrap and onto my lower face, so I am going to attach my own small piece of Velcro hook and loop at the center bottom of the wrap in order to minimize that.

I wasn't sure what to expect in terms of thickness and quality of shell material over the lamilite, but I was pleasantly surprised by the serious and rugged construction. Thank you Wiggys for only making quality products. This is no flimsy piece of head wear; it is serious and respectable. It feels like it might be nylon (?) outer, I'm not sure, but whatever it is, I would call it professional grade. It seems more than durable enough to wear every single day and get through the entire winter without replacing it, provided I dont lend it out or lose it someplace.

Except for a possible improvement by adding a bit of Velcro at the bottom of the removable face wrap, I can say that this item far exceeded my expectations and is well worth the money. The Velcro at the bottom, and a piece of elastic or pull cord to bunch it up, are the only possible improvements I can think of. Given the Wiggys history, maybe there is good reason I am not thinking of, that it does not have those two features. Overall, I highly recommend this item for cold weather work or play. I haven't seen anything else this good on the market.

– David

Received these on Saturday, good way to start the weekend.

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