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simply the best

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Simply The Best! Not The Most Expensive... Just The Best.

Simply the best!
1993, my first bag I ordered was for a winter wilderness survival class I had in college. Our instructor gave his recommendation based on genuine experience.
I had that twenty below zero bag and used it every year snow camping and dog sledding till 2004 when my daughter left it at a sleep over. I replaced it with a 0-degree super light, and another one for my son, we've been snow camping and dog sledding with them every year since. I also bought a couple pairs of Wiggys Alaskan pack boots. Made of the same materials. They outperform our old Sorels. Which is saying a-lot!
All of our young friends in special forces have been issued Wiggys bags. And it’s for good reason.
Simply the best!

S. Ayers

S thank you very much for your letter of support.

We no longer make the pack boots because they never sold well. However, once I put them on the ridiculous sale price of $10.00 a pair if people also bought a sleeping bag, they sold out in 6 months. Many of those buyers came back to me wanting another pair, why because they performed better than whatever they had previously. To make any pack boot better all you need is a pair of our Sunwalker’s.

Sometime after 1993 the quality of the Lamilite/Climashield was improved so the bags performance improved. Climashield company made the Lamilite/Climashield more uniform. It is for that reason more owners of Wiggy’s bags find they will perform below the temperature ratings we have had since inception of the manufacture of the Wiggy’s bags 36 years ago. I have no intention of changing the existing ratings of the various sleeping bags we make.

We still have some parkas in stock so if you are interested, please do not hesitate to call. Once they are gone they are gone just like the pack boots.

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