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snow hiking

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Today I read a small article in the N.Y. Times on line Sunday addition about snow hiking.

Getting old and being cloistered in an office I did not know that the activity is increasing in popularity. My time on the snow was on skis or horseback for the most part hunting. Of course that was interrupted when I got lost but that was a onetime experience.

The article was short but informative the snow level to start out in is 6 inches where you can walk with just boots and as it gets deeper snowshoes are required with as stated a max of about two feet. Cross country skiing is for the most part the same although there are areas you would not go except on snowshoes.

The reported spoke with a representative from rei and the person offered some accurate information. Clothing that would allow moisture out freely, gaiters, at the least boots that are 6 inches high. The clothing should be layers so you can remove a layer when you get warm. The last advice I completely disagree with.

Now for my advice for people who are now or are thinking about snow hiking.

The first items I recommend are fishnet underwear specifically the top. For all who do not know the benefit of fishnets, its main purpose is to allow ALL of your sweat to get away from your skin surface so you DONOT get a chill when you stop walking and rest. That is not what you will hear from any rei representative.

The second item is the Lamilite socks but first an email I received this weekend;

Dear Wiggy's,

I recently purchased a pair of Lamilite socks. I usually wear wool for most things outdoors and prefer natural fibers when I can. I hate that stinky, plastic bag feel of most synthetics. I have to say though, that I haven't experienced cold feet once wearing your socks. And they don't stink yet. Even here in the wet Oregon Cascade mountains! I'm rethinking avoiding synthetics with Wiggy's gear.


Need I say more, so many of my customers who have purchased the Lamilite socks say the same things about them.

There are a few other items made with Lamilite that I recommend because they are very light in weight, very warm for their weight and most importantly they DO NOT retain any moisture. And one final layer could be any of my parkas, chose the one that most fits the temperature for your area. When you are heating up rather than taking off layers just open the neckline of your parka and allow all the heat that has built up in the garment out.

Depending upon the general temperature you could get a pair of leg jackets also our gaiters with the insulated layer.

Of course if you really want to keep your feet warm you should wear my over boots; they perform quite well at -30 degrees below zero. Another option if you have pack boots is to replace the felt liner that absorbs all of the moisture from your feet with the Lamilite Sunwalker’s.

Happy hiking

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