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I just read an article in today’s morning online issue of Sporting Goods Business that astounded me.

“Oros Labs Secures $22M in Series B FundingThe thermal solutions company serves an array of dual-use applications. The funding round was led by Airbus Ventures.”

I read more of the article and then went to the oros web site to find out why they are deserving of 22 million dollar funding.

The following is taken directly from the oros web site.

The Future Of Insulation

Solarcore is a materials technology brand developing the most advanced thermal solutions on the planet.

Solarcore as you will read is a foam that is impregnated or infused with aerogel. IT IS NOT THE FUTURE OF INSULATION

Michael Markesbery: Co-Founder + CEO

“It is our mission to evolve the science of staying warm, and we are developing an entirely new category of insulation to do just that.”

I have come across this guy’s name before and he is a silver tongue devil in my opinion because I do not believe he has any knowledge of how insulation works.

Rithvik Venna: Co-Founder + COO

“We have the responsibility and material technology to transform the future of the insulation industry.”

If markesbury has no knowledge of insulation this guy venna has less if that is possible. In my opinion he since he lives in Oregon he must be smoking something.

More Warmth. Less Bulk.

Sc_Foam is a proprietary thin, low density, soft and flexible insulation that delivers enhanced thermal performance.

Sc foam [sc stands for solarcore] is not capable of being an insulating material for use beyond Miami FL. To say it “delivers enhanced thermal performance” is ludicrous.

Tough against the elements. Soft to the touch.

Sc_Fiber is a patented aerogel yarn composite that delivers best-in-class thermal


Sc fiber [solarcore fiber] is infused with aerogel.

The Science

Solarcore fiber utilizes the thermal advantages of NASA’s polymer aerogel combined with a PFC-free polyester yarn to make a composite that combines well with other fibers to deliver temperature regulation, moisture management and anti-microbial benefits.

This paragraph is gibberish. Yarn is incapable of doing any of what is claimed.

How Can Sc_Fiber Improve Your Product?

Sc_Fiber is the perfect yarn to incorporate with other standard fibers to improve performance in the areas of temperature regulation, moisture management, anti-microbial and other desired surface textures. This is perfect for many different products from apparel, footwear, accessories and many government apparel needs.

More gibberish!

Why It's Better?

Initial CLO testing results show not only does Sc_Fiber outperform similarly weighted base layers, but it also beats more lofted bulkier fleece and thermal weight fabrics.

I looked at their graph and couldn’t make sense of it, they just said their yarn was better with a higher clo , maybe it was their foam.

The Future Of Insulation

Solarcore® is a materials technology brand developing the most advanced thermal solutions on the planet.

Solarcore has no future and it is not “the most advanced thermal solution on the planet.”

The following that you can read now is astounding to mew again

Sc_Fiber offers multiple benefits beyond its thermal performance, including being hydrophobic, knittable, laundry safe and pfc free. This product is in development.

So, after all is said and done the product doesn’t exist.

Unless the Airbus people know something, I don’t they have in my opinion been taken in.

At this time and in my educated opinion there is nothing on the planet that will replace continuous filament fiber for use as insulation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

These two guys are snake oil salesman of the first order. They are doing their utmost to convince people with money to invest in my opinion a scam. They do not have an insulating product to begin with. They just have a theory and lots before them had the same theories before them with foam. Foam has been around since the end of WWII and no none has managed to make it work as an insulating medium and these two guys will not as well!!!

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