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stay safe

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I went on the sierra trading post web site and found it was not functioning.

That is a good thing, the reason for it is not. They have been closed down because of the virus. I did not know they were one of the tjmaxx companies. They closed all of their divisions.

Anyway, anyone wanting a sleeping bags can always get the Wiggy’s bag the best on the market. Since all of our suppliers are located in the USA, we will not be running out of product at all.

We have taken all of the precautions having all of the family wearing masks. All sewing stations are easily 10 feet apart, so people are not breathing on each other. They all understand the importance of limited exposure when they leave their work.

This is a hardship that millions are having to deal with so, to the best of my knowledge far and away most are.

I like to think that this too will pass, and we will finally be back to our normal way of life.

Kok is an avid fisherman and where he fishes very few go to but they have closed it off to him and everyone else.

When I had communication with soldiers I would always tell them to be safe where ever you are sent, now I say stay safe to one and all.

PS The Mercedes is available at a reduced price. I never drive it.

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