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still another chemical

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HeiQ is a primary producer of textile chemicals and take every opportunity to create one where “they” see a need.

The following article is about another chemical that can be introduced into the body of the wearer of this type of garment.

HeiQ introduces an innovative anti-odor product addition to its HeiQ Fresh range to eliminate persistent malodor on feather and down products, effectively addressing a problem that no one has solved so far.

I am unaware of people complaining about malodor’s from their feather and down garments. But according to HeiQ they do exist and something has to be done about it. But HeiQ has solved the problem.

I solved the problem, just use Lamilite no odour.

Biobased HeiQ Fresh for Feather & Down utilizes a unique combination of pre- and probiotics (synbiotics) which helps to break up the smelly components.

Do deodorant companies know about these probiotics to use to sell to us?

This innovation will be showcased at the Techtextil 2024 Swiss Pavilion consolidating HeiQ credentials as the industry expert in odor management.

I did not know companies needed credentials in dealing with odour management. Of course, I did not know there was an odour management problem.

HeiQ Fresh for Feather & Down is a 100% biobased technology engineered to combat the persistent malodor often associated with feather jackets, duvets, and pillows. Developed to address a common challenge faced by manufacturers and consumers alike, this innovative solution represents a significant leap forward in the field of odor management by removing a significant objection to purchase.

In all of my years in the past when I was working with companies that made down sleeping bags and down outerwear mention that they were now also using polyester fiberfill it was because people were complaining about odour from their down purchases. They weren’t. The manufacturers were making polyester filled garments because they were cheaper.

The key issue lies in the natural oil secretion of the duck or goose to provide its natural waterproofing. While essential, this oil becomes the source of the unwanted odors that persist despite conventional cleaning methods. HeiQ Fresh for Feather & Down tackles this problem head-on by harnessing the power of synbiotics (pre- and probiotics).

I wonder; did someone or several manufacturers of down and feather products go to HeiQ and tell them of this [non-existent] problem? Or did the chemists at HeiQ create the problem out of thin air?

Through an advanced process, the technology applied during the production stage effectively removes bacterial nutrients present in the feathers and down, thereby preventing the formation of persistent and unpleasant odors. Extensive testing has demonstrated a significant reduction in malodor even after prolonged use, validating the efficacy of this solution. The human sensory testing method according to ISO 17299-1 is the recommended test method.

What is this “advanced process” they are referring too? They are most likely adding their chemicals to the bath just like their water repellant chemical so the down is waterproof. This new chemical is probably a deodurant. The human sensory testing method is probably given a dozen people various down filled products to smell. They all conclude YUP no odour.

Mike Abbott, Head of the HeiQ Textiles & Flooring Business Unit, states, “The new addition to the HeiQ Fresh range addresses a real-world problem that many brand partners and manufacturers are facing for decades. With bad smells out of the equation, we are also removing a relevant obstacle for choosing to purchase feather and down items, a problem that no one could solve, until now.”

Mike you are a puppet, singing the tunes of HeiQ. For decades there has never existed the bad smells. You insult the down processors. I have been using down pillows for years and I have never noticed any smells. I have owned down parkas over the years and again no odour. HeiQ is a perpetual creator of reasons to make a chemical to do something when it is applied to textiles. Is it any wonder why people are now suffering from chemical sensitivity problems? They just relish solving non-existent problems with chemicals. I have written about them for years.

The next time you think about buying a down filled product inquirer if the down was treated with “HeiQ fresh for feather and down”.  

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