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summer weight sleeping bags

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Great Sleeping Bag! The All-Purpose Summer Weight Sleeping Bag

I have used this bag during the summer on several bike trips. It is perfect for warm weather -- the flannel-like interior avoids the sticky and uncomfortable feel of nylon, and the exterior has a nice, durable hand to it as well. I have to admit I really like the camo color, too. It is plenty roomy yet compacts down to a small size. And the best part? The zipper. In the history of sleeping bags everyone knows zippers are almost always the most frustrating thing, but Wiggy's has done a superb job with this beefy, easy to use zipper that never catches or jams. Thanks, Wiggy's, for not skimping on that. I cannot lay any claim to Wiggy’s sleeping bags in cold conditions, but for summer use, you just cannot beat this bag for quality, comfort, and value. Excellent product. Highly recommended.

– Unknown

As all know I love getting testimonials like this, but I am always disappointed when the person writing it does not give their name even if it is just their first name, so whoever you are many thanks.

The flannel like interior is actually nylon fabric that I have been using in all of the bags for many months, and liker all previous nylon fabric that I have been using for 32 years it is vapor permeable which is always important. During cold weather you obviously want to get rid of your bodies perspiration as quickly as possible so you are not losing heat as happens with the “no sleep sleeping bags” sold by other companies that do retain the users moisture causing rapid heat loss.

In warm weather bags retention of moisture as “unknown” states will cause you to wake you to wake up because you are clammy. The companies that sell “no sleep sleeping bag” make their bags very narrow to cut down on weight which means your legs are very close to each other and the nylons used are most likely down proof so vapor permeability is very limited, hence moisture buildup in the bag resulting in becoming stuck in a clammy bags.

All of the different models of the Wiggy’s warm weather bags are roomie, and the mummy bags are all cut from the long wide body pattern. The reason is so you can separate your legs so the moisture from the thigh muscles the largest in the human body producing the greatest amount of heat can escape easily. And of course, this means the vapor permeability allows perspiration out of the bag, so you are not seeped in a clammy bag.

On the web site I show a picture of how small the summer weight bag is, and it goes for all of them.

Unfortunately, everyone does not know how trouble free and durable the number 10 YKK molded tooth zippers are, specifically in the current outdoor industry. They do not know in the 60’s and 70’s all of the well-known brands at the time only used this model zipper. That is how I found out about them. it is also the initial reason I chose to use it. Then these companies chose the coil zipper and had and still have ongoing problems, Wiggy’s has no problems with the number 10 molded tooth zipper.

It is important to know that Wiggy’s uses the two most expensive components of their type in literally all of our insulated products; 1- the insulation, Climashield (Lamilite) and 2- our zippers. It is also important to know that all of the other companies that sell outerwear and “no sleep sleeping bags” use the least expensive material they call insulation, and the popular non-damage resistant coil zippers.

The companies that sell these products have demonstrated that they have no concern about the consumers who they want to sell their products too. what these companies like to talk about is eliminating their carbon foot prints but as I see it they are perpetuating the foot prints by making products that do not last more than a season or do not work in the first place (no sleep sleeping bags) so, they come out with new improved versions of these products that prove to not work so, they come out with new improved versions, of the same old story.

I do not talk about it, but Wiggy’s has the smallest carbon footprint of all of the companies serving the outdoor marketplace and most all of the manufacturing companies there are. Wiggy’s products last an unknown amount of time and ALL of our waste from manufacturing is compressed into bales used to make bow targets so when it is used for that purpose for I do not know how long the bales will last. All of this means Wiggy’s has a footprint so small it can only be seen under a microscope, and a high powered one at that!


Today I read an article in the Wall Street Journal about the shortage of masks as a result of the incidents or resurgence of the virus. Wiggy’s is not the largest maker of virus protection masks but I believe we make the best one you can buy. Aside from keeping everything out they can be laundered daily, and the laundering can be done every day if you chose as my partner does since, he works in the factory with 25 other people. We were all tested last week, and we all were negative, so I am convinced wearing the masks is beneficial. I as well as Kok do not go around with the employees, but we have asked them to take measures to take care of themselves, if not and one of them tests positive it potentially effects the rest of us. So, they have done just that and many of them take in droplets of the oregano oil. Our masks just like our other products are not a purchase but an investment and in this case an investment in your health. 

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