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Recently went hiking on the John Muir trail with new friends and it was quite cold (28 degrees F) The couple I went with had Down sleeping bags and before they crawled in for bedtime they starting telling me the tricks to staying warm at night, "They knew nothing of my vast experience camping in cold weather" they said that everyone should pack the foot of their bag with dry clothing so that their sleeping doesn't get wet from their feet and then get cold. ????? I asked them if their feet always got wet while in their sleeping bag and they said yes. They even said that "Backpacker Magazine" even said to do this! I started telling them about Wiggy's bags and how their feet will not collect the dampness or wetness and they just did not want to hear it.......So OK then. Early morning before light the gal woke with freezing feet and was just miserable, she was angry and told her husband that she would never go winter or cold weather camping again. I kind of stepped in and said that she could wear my "Wiggy’s Sunwalker 2 booties so I immediately gave them to her to put on while still in her sleeping bag. Well, 5 hours later she finally woke and said that was her best night of backpacking sleep and smiled and said she could not wait to get her Wiggy’s Booties. Needless to say, my feet never got damp or wet inside my Wiggy's sleeping bag.

– John R.

I have a suspicion that a significant number of people who sleep in sleeping bags while just back packing or hunting have cold feet.

During the years I hunted Fossil Ridge Wilderness base camp was at 12000 feet. I always hunted third season, first week of November. The temperature was regularly -20 F every night so I mostly used the Ultima Thule, sometimes I would use the Ultra-light FTRSS. But I always wore my booties because I have cold feet. A doctor was shocked that my pulse reading of my feet was just like my wrist. Anyway, when I had to make a nature call at 2 AM I put on my parka over my fishnets that I always wore from the time I left my house and took off when I returned. When I went out of the tent I looked up at the shy and thought I could pick the stars out of the sky. That is what I miss the most since I no longer hunt. I was wearing my booties and never had cold feet while out of the tent doing what I had to do.

My experience is not unusual. However, my wearing booties and fishnets is not usual, it should be.

What I like about receiving stories like this one is the fact that it gives me the opportunity to offer my experience with similar activities. Of course, there are many activities that I never experienced that I share with my readers.

When I created the boat foot model bag it was to increase the amount of fiber at the foot end of the bag so it would not be necessary to put clothing at the boot of the bag. You are better off when you layer your clothing alongside of you in the sleeping bag. If they are wet or just retaining your body moisture, they will dry overnight. The hood of the boat foot bag lays flat until you pull the draw cord that creates the shape of the hood which is closer to your head than the contoured hood.

I can tell you the sales of the boat foot bags has been increasing steadily.

Thank you John R. 

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