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Again And Again and Yet Again!

Have purchased 3 comforters (+ other items). 1 for me, 1 for the wife, and 1 the daughter (I FINALLY get my own!)

– David Stewart

Best Raingear

If you're looking for great raingear, look no further.

The coverage on this is great, and its kept me dry being out in pouring rain for hours (multicam PU coated).
Football games, steelhead fishing, turkey hunting, its great!
You won’t feel damp as long as you have a bit of Lamilite on underneath (L-3 works just fine).

– Sean w

Sean is speaking about the Cagoule made with the Multicam.

So....I bought my wife and I Hunter Ultima Thule’s....and I just added another bag to my inventory this week: An Ultralight bag. Aside from these bags I have everything imaginable, so I don’t anticipate placing anymore orders. I don’t need anything else... but I wish I did! You guys at Wiggys are the best and your products are simply put...stellar!!!

I wish I’d learned about your products years ago! It would have saved me great discomfort and many sleepless nights. I can assure you I’ll make a point to spread “your” word to help others!!

I might add, the Ultralight is just that! Very light, but well designed! The baffle system is ideal and altogether perfect! I recently sold a Kifaru Slick Bag that cost me “3 times” the cost of your Ultralight. (Don’t get me wrong Kifaru makes many products that are world class... But they’re sleeping bag design is not one of them!). They used interior Velcro strips to secure one baffle. While sleeping in the wilderness in Merino wool base layers I swear to god it was like sleeping in a bag of cats due to the sharp corners and hook and loop of the Velcro. I sold it for as much as I bought it for and have been looking at all my options before purchasing your ultralight. It was the bag I was hoping for! Within the hunting industry I will ardently promote your product!

Like I say, I have everything I need now...thanks to you at Wiggys! Products that I know will last longer than my lifetime!



Bellevue Washington

Normally I choose not to put reference to any other brand but in this case, I have made an exception. Gary’s comment that they make world class other products may or may not be true as I do not know what they make. However, his comparison to the Wiggy’s Ultra-Light versus the k. product was unacceptable to me since, I once told pat smith the owner he should stick to back packs because he had zero knowledge of insulation and less knowledge of how to use it.

Just placed the order.

FYI: Ordered a slumber bag a couple weeks ago for my Mom. My wife and I enjoy going up to the mountains and we stay at friend's place. My mom has made the trip with us a few times and she is a self-admitted "freeze- cat". The guest room she uses has two good sized windows so that room gets chilly even with the heat set a 68. Last trip up she used your Slumber bag and she said she slept great and never felt the least bit cold. And she loves that your stuff is chemical free and made in the U.S.A.

Also, I purchased your jacket liner a while back. I use it under a cheap unlined field coat. Last week it was twenty, very windy and flurries. With just a plain t-shirt, your liner and that unlined field jacket my torso and arms were very warm.

Thanks to you and all your employees for putting out great products.


Of the many garments I have made over the years aside from the sweater the liner jacket maybe the biggest surprise.


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