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testimonials and a redo

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These Insulate My Hands Well In 3 Configurations, From 32°F To Well Below.

I use these for all-purpose winter outings, wearing the liners with a pair of simple homemade mitt covers when I'm active from 32°F to ~0°. When my hands are not active but in that range, or when I am active in bitter cold below it, I'll use just the over-mits. When I am not active in bitter cold, I use the liners inside of the over-mits. I have ML hands for a male, and the L fit me well.


34 Years and Still Going

Bought your zero degree F bag in 1988 for mountaineering. Worked fine, acid test in 1989, February in the Tetons. It was a little chilly at -50f at 11000’, but it seems I’m still here. This is the only bag I’ve owned since the eighties, am going to get my son one this year for winter in the Appalachians, and probably a lighter one for me in the summer up here. I’m writing this on the top of Sam Knob in Shining Rock Wilderness, NC, it’s midnight with temperatures in the thirties. Obviously, I can’t zip this thing up past my knees without sweating! Thanks for all the warm nights!

Jason Watkins

When I read the article from Friday today, I found that I made some grammatical errors so, I decided to correct the errors and republish. Thank you for dealing with my grammatical errors since I can’t afford a proofreader.

I also want to thank all who have taken advantage of my offer.


Starting today and extending until Memorial Day at mid-night all Wiggy’s bags will be sold at a 10 percent discount.

So, if you have always wanted to own a Wiggy’s bag now is your chance. If you wanted to increase your collection of Wiggy’s bags now is your chance.

With the costs of all of the materials we use at Wiggy’s increasing we will not be able to keep the prices this low after the month of May.

It is important to remember that aside from the fact that Wiggy’s bags are the most accurately rated they have several other attributes that the other so called sleeping bags do not have.

MACHINE WASHABLE AND MACHINE DRYABLE PROBABLY A 1000 TIMES. No other so called sleeping bags can be laundered without being damaged, that is why they do not want you to ever launder them.

NUMBER 10 MOULDED TOOTH ZIPPERS THAT ARE CLOSE TO INDESTRUCTIBLE. All of the coil zippers used for the other so called sleeping bags are guaranteed to break.

FABRICS [MATERIALS] THAT ARE PURE FINISH, WHICH MEANS THERE ARE NO CHEMICALS ADDED TO THEM. All the other so called sleeping bags are inundated with chemicals to include flame retardant chemicals. We know from reading about flame retardant chemicals on the rei web site they are carcinogenic.

We also know that almost every so called sleeping bag is made from a POLYESTER material which supports combustion even though it has been covered with a flame retardant chemical.

Over the past 15 years I have heard from hundreds of parents wanting to put their child in chemically free sleeping bags especially bags free of flame retardants.



So, start your camping season of right but buying the best sleeping bag made in the world that will last through multiple camping seasons. 

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