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the antarctic bag

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“Kevin Ahl

I have four of your Arctic bags and the city of Nome Alaska also purchased your bags for search and rescue Nome Volunteer Fire Department. Personally, have slept in -45 below in the arctic. You have talked to me multiple times for input on your bags. Your bags are the best in the business! I also have 5 of your king size comforter blankets that I give away as Christmas presents!”

The testimonial you have just read I received on my U-Tube web site.

I know that people venture into the arctic regions of the world and as such they need a sleeping bag that will keep them warm every day they are in an arctic environment.

What they also need in their sleeping bag is a bag that is oblivious to water, meaning the materials it is made from do not absorb or retain water in any manner shape or form. If water is retained with in the sleeping bag the water will draw heat from the occupant causing the occupant to become cold.

The only bag in the world that will actually perform at -60F or for that matter any place in the arctic is the Antarctic bag made by Wiggy’s. Then of course there is the advantage that the materials used to make the bag specifically the Lamilite insulation are oblivious to water in any manner shape or form.

Is it any wonder that the Wiggy’s bags in general are almost the only sleeping bags purchased by Alaskans? Of the sleeping bag models purchased the Antarctic and Ultima Thule models combined are greater than any other individual model. However, I suspect that the Super Light is probably the largest sold model sleeping bag, but I do not believe the Antarctic and Ultima Thule sleeping bags are far behind. People in Alaska have the attitude of being safe rather than being sorry. For those who have not experienced being in the mountains in the winter, the environment is not can be but is very unforgiving. Winter in Alaska lasts for 6 to 8 months.

Recently I have seen some segments of the alone program. The current program is about people who spent their time in the arctic last year. The winner if there is one will not be published until the program ends. I for one find it very hard to believe that someone actually survived the 100 days, but what do I know.

I did see one guy throw his bag over some branches which he said so it could dry out, unfortunately for him I do not think it was a sunny day. I am sure all of these folks were using bags that retained moisture, so none of them had dry bags after a few days. Now if they had a Wiggy’s bag they would just get in the bag to sleep and if the bag somehow got wet their body heat would be drying it. They would have slept all night and be fresh each morning too forage for food.

The reality is all these folks do not know or understand that the sleeping bag is the “most important piece of equipment that you can have when going into a non-forgiving environment.” The Wiggy’s sleeping bag will save your life aside from making life easier in an unforgiving environment.

I can only watch for a few minutes because I just do not like to see people abuse themselves all for the promise of a million bucks which immediate is lessened by 30 %, the governments share. 70% is not a shabby figure but the personalities of these people suggests to me that the money will not last very long.

I still wonder if any of the “owners” or the worker bees of the alone program have ever themselves tried to survive the situation they ask people to do. If they did then they could literally say to the contestants it can be done and since the contestants are supposedly “experienced” outdoorsman/women they should be able to know from the get-go what they have to do to survive. But from what I have seen they basically fumble around. I would not be surprised to learn their experience came while having a cabin to work out of.

All of that being said each of them would have a better chance of winning if they were using a Wiggy’s bag.  

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