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the balance of the canadian commentary

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IF YOU HAPPEN TO LIVE IN CANADA (don’t know why it wasn’t copied and printed. So here is the balance of the paragraph, of course I probably goofed, pilot error).

If you happen to live in Canada I have been making an effort for several years to develop an existing sewing operation to license to product the Wiggy’s bags for starters and eventually the other products. Unfortunately for me and you Canadians not one operation has shown interest. Wiggy’s bags are sold all over the country and also bought by the RCMP and some of the military bases. These companies think they need proof that my bags perform as I have stated. Everybody wants 3rd party verification. I tell them I am supposed to know what I am doing and if I didn’t I would not be the largest producer of sleeping bags that actually work in the world.

If there is someone in Canada who wants to buy and distribute Wiggy’s bags in Canada just call me.


I’ve worn my socks exclusively all summer.

Excellent results as my feet don’t become excessively hot in 95+ temps.

1.Donald L.

 I have proven to myself that Wiggys bags should be labeled as such. I have never used his hypothermia bag, but I have used his sleeping bags in severely compromised conditions, and can state unconditionally that if your sick or injured, or getting hypothermic, if you can get into his bag, regardless of wet clothes and/or a wet bag, with a good pad under you, you will be warm. There is no good reason not to carry premade shelter, and Wiggy recommends them, but even without, his bag will get you warm.

Survival: Wiggys bag is the single most important component of your preps. When I pack, everything else is built around my sleeping bag. If I have nothing except his bag, good insulation, and water and a jar of peanut butter, I can keep myself warm, hydrated and peanut butter is the near perfect survival food. It provides quick burn calories, and slow burn fats. So if you can do nothing but hunker down, with the above you've done everything possible to keep yourself alive. His Freedom bags pack small enough to live in your EDC, and his B-52 or anything else can be vacuum sealed forever. If you need to move, Wiggys has options for that based on the worst the location and season can muster. I am in the process of gathering layers, that I can put into my ruck, the heavier liners reserved for winter, so that no matter what outer layer I'm using, I can layer under it appropriate for the worst, and I don't need to worry if it gets wet.

Medicine: We have a responsibility to our companions or strangers that are entrusted to our care by circumstance, to rende5r care to the best of our ability. All illnesses and injuries that can occur in the front country, can and do occur in the back country. Most require maintaining a normal body temperature. Hypothermia can occur any time of the year. All trauma patients are hypothermic (via a different mechanism) and need to be treated. Wiggy makes a hypothermia bag, that I'm sure is great, though I have no personal experience with it, but unless on a dedicated rescue mission, I'm not likely to carry it. But, his bags , given enough wiggle room, with the addition of his layers and air activated hot packs, can get the hypothermic patient headed in the right direction, with no additional equipment then what your carrying already. The whole thrust in hypothermia management is preventing further heat loss, and rewarming. NOBODY else's bags will do that and his clothes prevent environmental hypothermia

– James Huffaker

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