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the fr test

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Hi Guys,

Just got back from our annual whitetail camping trip and this year the temperature dipped into the low teens with gusty winds. Slept in my Hunter Ultima as usual this year wearing your fishnets and was perfectly fine (as usual).

Yesterday it was in the single digits here in Illinois. As the sidewalks and trails are pretty much a mix of snow and sheet ice, I threw my Kinvara running shoes over my Lamilite socks when I took the dog out. We were outside for about an hour. My feet were fine the entire time. About halfway through the walk I realized one of the main purposes of the shoe I was wearing was to disperse heat and allow air flow. Had to laugh, which was kind of hard as my face was frozen. But at least my toes were warm.

Thanks for making great products,


This particular testimonial is for two products; the sleeping bag and the socks. When I made the socks, I knew they were a good product because of how well they worked for me; they keep feet warm and dry. I am and have been learning the many ways they are being used by others as is evidenced by Scott.

Now that there are areas of the USA experiencing early cold weather sock sales have become robust. Many are from people who were told of them by friends, who I thank for their recommendation to others.

I have had several calls from guys wanting to buy my boots. Unfortunately I do not have their sizes anymore so I advise them to look for specifically leather boots that do not have either goretex or thinsulate and certainly not to get a pair that has both materials in them. Wearing these leather boots with the Lamilite socks will be far better than wearing the goretex/thinsulate boots could ever be.


About a month ago I purchased a pair of Lamilite socks, and a pair of all leather boots a couple weeks ago. That combination is amazing! I can wear this sock/boot combination all day long and still be comfortable at the end of the day. Thank you so much for making these socks and recommending these boots!

I also ordered the Lamilite/DUCKSBACK balaclava. Naturally, first thing I did when I got it was to stick it under the faucet. All the water rolled right off. I had seen it in the video but was pretty cool see it happen. We had a snow/freezing rain mix, so I propped it up on a branch and left it for an hour or so. Brought it back inside, brushed it off, and was still dry. Super excited to see you are keeping the DUCKSBACK material around, I will definitely be ordering more of that in the not-too-distant future.



All I can say about this testimonial is that ALL of the charlatans who sell the bogus waterproof breathable nonsense should take time to see if their fabric works the same.

And of course the comments about the boots and socks are equally welcome.

Thank you, Nephi, very much.


As I have said on Saturday, I will be filming my burning of some of my sleeping bags. Its purpose is to demonstrate that my bags are non-combustible and not only do not support combustion but self-extinguish.

I also have a down bag that I will burn to see how it does.

A friend of mine who was in the army and a commander of troops told me on one exercise in Alaska one of the two-man tents caught fire and the two men in the tent died. In his investigation he said one body had the leg burned to the bone through the sleeping bag. I do not know any further details but will report them as soon as we speak again. He told me the story when I told him I was going to put two sleeping bags in a tent and burn it to see how the bags are affected.

If as I suspect there will not be enough material falling on the bags too much damage it may be the best option to stay in the bag since there is not much to a two-person tent. However, this is all conjecture on my part.

One of the things I noted when I was doing burning this past week of some sleeping bags was the lack of fumes, there are some when you add flame retardant chemical I believe.

I am going through this process for one reason and that is to demonstrate that a sleeping bag and I believe insulated clothing of course insulated with Lamilite if exposed to high heat is not combustible. I do know that the incidence of people being in situations when they go camping and fire is very rear, and incidence of jackets burning is equally rear other than a sleeve being put against a hot something. So, I just think it is good to know about this outside of a laboratory that uses a 12-inch square of material on a 1-million-dollar machine.

In any event I will learn more tomorrow morning.  

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