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the most b/s product i have been informed of

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The following link was sent to me by a customer who has sent other links as well. However, this kistler company may replace as hard as it is to do gore as the premier liar serving the outdoor market place. This company as you will see read is the king of charlatans, (-) yes minus 320 degrees. When these people die the only way to kill their gall is with a baseball bat. Whoever actually buys garments that they are selling must realize that they are being robbed with the robber smiling all the way to the bank. What has happened in the outerwear part of the outdoor business is so disgusting and appalling it is almost beyond belief for me. But as Dan notes is that youngsters wealthy or not are equally as dumb may very well buy these garments. Over the last 3 generations that act of thinking and reasoning has been deteriorating and by now is an insignificant act. Enough read and I did watch the entire video which Dan gave up on. I still believe the fault of the lying goes on in the industry because gore set the stage for liars to try selling anything to people who may go into the out of doors.


Hi Jerry! Why are your items rated to only -60F or so? I'm planning a Moon to Mars vacation fishing trip next year in my camper and really need the extra insulation. And theirs is breathable too!

Honestly I could only get halfway through their video before stopping it because I was laughing so hard.

Hey, I have a Dewar flask here for liquid nitrogen, maybe I'll have my buddies spray me down with it while I'm tucked into my Wiggy's Ultima Thule bag for the night? no no no no no.

This shit is getting so absurd. The target market is wealthy youngsters who want the most "advanced" technology to show off to their wealthy friends.....and rarely if ever actually need anything rated below 32F for camping because if the temps get lower than that they drive the SUV to Starbucks to warm up.

Best regards, Sir.

PS: I read your article about the new Colorado state sales tax requirements and thought you were over-reacting by not shipping in state. Then I talked to my tax accountant, and she confirmed everything you said. I am now drastically changing how I invoice customers. It's absurd. Thanks for the heads up, Jerry. I have a short list of Wiggy's products I need this year, and next time I go through Grand Junction I'll just stop by and buy them.

Dan Fink

Professor of Solar Energy Technology, Ecotech Institute

IREC Certified Instructor™ for: PV Installation Professional

The more thought I have given to this nonsense the more I wonder if anyone financing this company has ever worn one of these garment when the temperature was 32 degrees let alone -32 degrees. At -32 degrees they would need to be in a heated structure certainly not outside.

As I understand it the aerogel is like sand and if you breathe it in you are subject to cancer. So aside from the fact that it does not function as they claim it is potentially dangerous.

Making warm clothing is a priority for companies and it is apparent since so many are using a variety of materials that they claim are the latest and greatest new developments and they avoid using materials that have a proven pedigree of performance for 50 years. They think that the buying public wants new insulations that defy ability to work as in the case of aerogel. LL Bean is offering a sleeping bag that has the aerogel sand incorporated into the fiber from primaloft and I know from communicating with a person at bean they never tested the bag, but that is par for the course.

It is very disconcerting for me to see the garbage that is being presented to the consuming public. Unfortunately people love their computers but so many do not use them as for one of their main purposes; research so they can learn about the components that go into the products they want to buy. If they did that they could make much better decisions because they will be more informed.

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