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50 years ago, when gore started marketing their ptfe film [Teflon film] laminated to nylon fabrics for use by jacket manufacturers claiming waterproof and breathable they received a strong response. They did have a problem laminating the ptfe film smoothly to the nylon so they covered the ptfe film with a polyethylene, polypropylene or urethane film. I do not recall which film was used but it really does not matter. Either one would decrease the air flow what ever it might be the same.

Recently I read in Textile World magazine online that gore was now applying a layer or polyethylene to nylon for jacket companies that offer rainwear. The reason I believe is economics.

The ptfe film cost money, the lamination of the polyethylene cost money. So, if they eliminate the ptfe film and one lamination process they have a cost saving which they can pass on which would make the finished product cheaper.

Why would they do this, promote a cheaper product that does the same thing as the more expensive product? They had no choice. A few years after the goretex a bogus product was on the market many companies came out with their version of a waterproof breathable which was also bogus but the manufacturers did not care if it worked or not, some of the manufacturers like Columbia sportswear and north face to name a couple had and still have their version of a waterproof breathable also bogus.

So, now gore is following the rest of the industry with an equally poor not performing product. It has taken the gore people 50 years to learn that they could accomplish the same bogus action [not having a waterproof breathable product] with a far cheaper component a polyethylene film.

Lots of people wasted lots of money and they all discovered that the idea of a waterproof and breathable material was bogus. But today the consuming public doesn’t care because they know these garments don’t work but you cannot find any rainwear not made with these coatings. So, gore rather than continue to lose business to the cheaper coated material is joining those who already serve the marketplace. I do not believe goretex is even considered by the consumers any longer. All things come to an end especially bad one. Ultimately all of the rainwear sold will be urethane or polyethene coated material and the name will be meaningless. It is a pity that so many people could have spent far less money for rainwear years ago that was urethane coated. They would have had the same result of being wet inside of their garment even when it wasn’t raining as they were/are with the goretex stuff.

If the original goretex product really worked they would never have a reason to do what they are doing. If at first you don’t succeed try and try again. Except in this case try as you might you will never succeed!!!

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