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the testimonials just keep coming

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Hi Wiggy,

Just was forced to venture outside. Temperature, 22 degrees Fahrenheit. Wind chill, 10 degrees. Got semi-dressed...bedroom slippers, PJ bottoms, T-shirt, ear muffs, Wiggy's Alaska Parka LINER (no shell, just the liner) with L-6 insulation. Toasty! Absolutely NO air got through the liner.

And the BEST part? Santa Bride brought me another Wiggy's Sleeping Bag, my fourth, and another Wiggy's Luxurious Sleeping Pad, my second one of those...

Anyone who buys anything other than your gear is just woefully uninformed...

So anyway, good on ya!

Scott W.

Dear Wiggy,

I am married to my lovely wife for 30 years. She is one of those women who would be freezing if she stood on the equator, in August wearing a fur coat. She is just always cold, especially at bed time. She typically wears her long sleeve fleece pajamas to bed. Anyway, I have ordered many of your products during the past five years and have come to expect tremendous quality AND honesty from dealing with you. I often looked at your comforter and wondered whether I should get it or not... The only color you offer was tan and I really wasn't sure my wife would like that or not. Well, I ordered it and me here to tell you SHE DOESN'T CARE ONE BIT ABOUT THE COLOR ANYMORE!! When the comforter came in, I was going to put it under the tree for Christmas but the outside temps were in the 20s so I gave it to her early. She wasn't sure about it but I told her, "This is made by the same man who makes my sleeping bags and jackets." Her eyes opened up. That first night, I told her to leave the fleece off and just wear a shirt and underwear. Wiggy, she was so warm in that comforter! It was the warmest she has ever been and she woke up so happy and content from a great night's sleep. The following night, she wore a tank top and underwear. She loves it and I mean she really loves it!

Oh, I do want to mention something on a side note... One night I reached over to see if she was warm to the touch. When my hand reached under the drape of the comforter, my hand was in really warm air. It is unlike anything I have experienced EXCEPT IN YOUR SLEEPING BAGS. The air was like the air from a heater... it was just toasty and warm. She sleeps well now and I have you to thank. Merry Christmas, Mr. Jerry. Merry Christmas! Thank you for making an all American product here in the USA.

– Chris

I have to admit that I was skeptical spending that amount of money for a parka, In past I've bought wide range of different coats and parkas looking for one that would actually keep me warm in Wisconsin weather. I can say, I do believe I can say I've found one, when I ordered it I spoke with owner who answered my questions and I told him my height and weight and he knew the size that would work for me. To be on safe side I also ordered the jacket liner and vest just in case I would need them on cold Wisconsin days.

Parka arrived and it was about mid 20's out, so I decided to test out the parka by taking the dog for a walk. Well it work awesome so good that I had to unzip the parka as I was getting to warm. So with that said today’s temp 12/25/17 was a whole 5 degrees and wind chill of -18, so decided to test again in the cold and wind ( approximately a hour and 20 minutes) standing still with little to no movement and I have to admit I did not get cold. Rest of week it’s supposed to range from -15 to -30 below with wind chill, looking forward to testing the parka some more, without jacket liner or vest and with jacket liner and vest and see the outcome. Thanks Wiggy's for the parka.

– Brian Z, Wisconsin

What more can I say, other than thank you to Scott, Chris and Brian!

I celebrate Christmas daily.

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