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to win a million bucks

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The following testimonial is not the first of its type.

We own your boots, blankets, sleeping bags jacket liners, ducks back jackets, rain ponchos socks, there is no product anywhere that can compete on any level!

Mario & Bea Girard

Mario and Bea thank you for this email.

For the past 5 years I have been receiving more and more emails and phone calls from individuals listing the various products that they have bought from Wiggy’s expressing the same sentiment.

I really can not express in words the feelings that I have knowing that so many people feel this way about what we make at Wiggy’s. Many thanks to all who have advised me of their satisfaction with the Wiggy’s products they have purchased.


The sailing season is now upon us, unfortunately for me sailing is history in my life, but as I know a little about it, so I promote my light weight insulated products.

When you sail on the calmest day you will get wet, that is just the way it is on a boat. Your body gets warm from the sun and when the water hits you, you realize it is cold. That is reality.

Wearing the fishnet top and the liner vest or liner jacket depending your location even though they get wet they will keep you warm. I confidently say this having used them in 8 years of sailing which included one and a half years as a live aboard. Of course, many of you have found the insulating value of these lightweight garments on land.

So, if you want to stay warm when hitting the high seas get these garments.


Last night I took the time to view some of the program and was disgusted with what I saw. First of all, they publish a statement saying the contestants are all experience outdoorsman/woman so you shouldn’t try what they are doing. I agree that you shouldn’t try to do what they are doing if you attempt to do it as they have, you will surly not make it very long. That is because of the clothing they are wearing. 

The very first thing I have noticed since I have taken time occasionally to watch the series is how poorly these people are dressed. If these people were seasoned, experienced outdoors knowledgeable people as the producers say they would know how to dress for potential survival in the great outdoors. The do not and as a result I do not believe anyone on the current show can possibly make it 100 days into the arctic winter.

These people know that they are giving off moisture in varying degrees all of the time. But they insist upon wearing a multitude of layers of clothing that stifle the movement of moisture away from their bodies and as a result that same moisture does drain heat from their bodies. That is a fact that they do not know!!! The toll it takes on their bodies is enormous, because what ever they eat is consumed so fast they never have enough. The result is that the fat they have on their bodies is soon consumed, once gone the muscle mass starts to get consumed.

I have counseled any number of people going into the wilds not trying to win a million bucks for brutalizing themselves for 100 days but to enjoy a week or two. Some listen and others partly listen, the decision is always the customer. If you are dressed properly for the environment you will survive much easier and enjoy yourself more.

Generally, the people who compete on alone are fixated on the prize and are otherwise not very happy other than when they snare a rabbit or catch a fish. Why are they so happy, because they will have something to eat!

I maintain without question if you wear clothing that is lose fitting and non-moisture absorbing you will do significantly better than these so called experts vying for the million bucks.

I think they were showing day 10 or 15 and one guy was jumping up and down to get warm and the snow had yet to fall. Of course, he was wearing those close-fitting pullovers and over them he was wearing a close-fitting nylon zippered jacket that was probably “waterproof/breathable” treated. So, he was trapping 100 percent of his moisture inside the clothing layers he was wearing. But he has no idea that he is his own worst enemy. He will not win the million bucks.

These people do not know that 100 percent of all of their clothing should be insulated with non-moisture retaining material. I have not seen the sleeping bags that any of the contestants are using. From time to time one or more is using a Wiggy's bag. A few years ago, a girl had one of my Antarctic boat foot bags and sold it I guess on ebay, she made a video and tried to explain that it was not a good bag. I found it amusing knowing had it not been for my bag she would not have been out in the field as long as she was, why because when she got in it, she was warm!!! So, ALL of these contestants would do better if they had a Wiggy’s bag.

It’s a million bucks to the first contestant who stays out 100 days. I do not believe any these outdoor “experts” can or will make it. Does the last person standing get the prize if he/she is out there 70 days or must you be out there the 100 days?

I doubt the producers want to give away the money, so there will not be a winner.  

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