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triple cooling effect

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When she was an executive at SPANX, Mary-Cathryn Kolb kept thinking about the versatility of the tiny yarns that worked so hard to shape and support bodies.

She would often wonder about what other things those little fibers could do to keep people more comfortable.

Could they draw away heat? Could they wick away moisture? Could they dry faster?

What if our clothes could actually reduce the temperature of our skin and keep us cooler?

The idea for brrr° was born in 2014 and Kolb’s vision was deceptively simple: develop innovative cooling performance fabrics that could keep us cool and comfortable.

“We thought there had to be a way for our clothes to actively cool us down, and help us stay dry and more comfortable,” said Kolb, who has more than 20 years of experience in apparel and textiles.

I do not know of the spanx company nor do I know this kolb woman but I know something about her. She is ignorant of the fact that synthetic material does not act as a cooling agent, nor does it wick moisture.

When you are wearing a shirt that is made from polyester fabric which is what she is talking about, the fabric will warm to body temperature so you are not experiencing any cooling effect. The synthetic fiber does not absorb the sweat, it just stays against the fabric so wicking action does not occur. The end result is a person wearing one of their shirts you are not only not being cooled but you become clammy. Skin temperature is not reduced and as for drying, that happens when you remove the garment.
The secret brrr° formula combines natural cooling minerals, active wicking and rapid drying to create a “Triple Chill Effect” that instantly and continuously draws heat and moisture away from the skin. Every brrr° fabric is independently tested by globally recognized labs and proven to keep you cooler.

None of what they say here happens for the reasons I have previously stated. Wearing their garments on cold days if you sweat you may very well experience the triple chill effect. They do not mention the independent laboratory, but it is obvious the laboratory if it exists is as void of knowledge as kolb is.

Major brands including BRADY by Tom Brady, Adidas, Reebok, Greyson, Linksoul, 47 Brand, Landseer, Strafe, FORLOH, and dozens of others license brrr°’s patented cooling textile technology for their apparel.

“I’ve been living in this thing recently, and it actually lowers your body temperature,” Tom Brady recently raved about the BRADY Cool Touch Short Sleeve t-shirt made with brrr° fabric. “It’s perfect for Tampa. I put them to the test, and it made all the difference.”

All these brands say nice things about their product because of financial involvement, that still doesn’t mean the garments made with these fabrics actually work.

brrr°’s appeal goes far beyond the athletic and sports category with lifestyle and business attire brands such as Southern Tide, Vineyard Vines, Pajamagram, Shinesty, Lilly Pulitzer and ADAY also using brrr° technology.

I do not know any of these companies but I am sure what ever they are making doesn’t work either.

Natural cooling minerals

brrr° cooling fabric technology is different because it’s permanently embedded in the structure of the yarn when the material is extruded and produced. That means the brrr° cooling sensation lasts the lifetime of the garment, and won’t wash out or diminish over time.

The “material” is not extruded. The fiber is extruded and whatever the “natural cooling material” is does not exist. And as I have noted in the past, when chemicals are added to the polyester fiber chemical and they are extruded it is now encapsulated in the fiber and cannot influence any action such as cooling. Yes, whatever the chemical that is now embedded in the fiber it is there for life.

“It was important to us that the cooling sensation from brrr° was instant when the fabric touches your skin, and permanently part of the fabric for durability and ease of use,” said Kolb

Did kolb have the fabric in a refrigerator so it was cool to the skin surface?

brrr° invests heavily in research and development to create even more advanced cooling fabric technologies, and the Atlanta-based company recently introduced a new performance cooling product called brrr° Pro.

brrr° Pro uses micro cooling minerals to amplify the cooling sensation, plus hyper wicking and performance drying.

The future of cool

brrr° holds several patents on its cooling yarn and fabric technologies, and is pursuing the next generation of cooling minerals and advanced formulas that can help keep people even more cool and comfortable as they go about everyday life.

The increased pace of global warming and extreme weather events adds a sense of urgency to brrr°’s work. Kolb sees a sustainability angle with brrr° because people who are cooler at work, at play, and everywhere in between may not need to use as much energy for air conditioning.

“When life brings the heat, brrr° is proven to help keep you cooler,” Kolb said.

By this time you should be wondering why you haven’t been wearing chest waders and carrying a shovel. These people are so full of themselves or kolb is. Kolb if you have read to this point, I can tell you the ONLY cooling yarn is cotton and therefore the only cooling fabric is one that is made from 100 percent cotton.

Lesson over. 

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