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two testimonials

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Read your latest blog about the diabetic with cold feet. This winter I went ice fishing here in Wyoming. Temperatures ranged from 5 below to 15 below with the wind chill factor during the day. I wore a pair of Lamilite socks, stuck them into a pair of Sun walkers and stuck them in a pair or Over boots. They were a tad heavy, but I wasn't hiking, just standing around the ice holes. My feet were toasty warm. Along with my Urban Arctic Ducksback Parka and Bibs, I was the warmest fisherman in our group. Your gear works, PERIOD!


I guess George does not have diabetes otherwise he would have said so. The diabetic person that recently spoke with me is doing the same thing, Lamilite socks in the Sun walkers and then in the Over boots.

In the article that dealt with diabetes I commented that medical doctors are unaware of the problem diabetics have with the reason beyond poor blood flow that they have cold feet. Foot produced moisture being kept in the footwear for one reason or another.

On Thursday I had occasion to speak with a fellow that led to moisture retention in footwear. I told him to read the article. His caller i.d. said medical clinic so I told him to copy the article and show it to the doctors to which he said he was one of them. Further discussion led him to say he was not aware of what I have written which proves my point that medical doctor are for the most part not knowledgeable of why people have cold feet again beyond poor blood circulation.

I was glad to help him.


I live in my vintage Airstream on a large working cattle ranch @ 8000' elevation in northern NM. It's cold especially with no running water. I also have the usual condensation problems. I have 3 different types of Wiggy bags. A summer bag, an arctic bag and 2 zipped together 0⁰ bags. Never had any trouble with them and moisture. Never needed to put the summer bag inside the other bags. Right now, I have electricity. Not always the case. I have an electric blanket inside the 0⁰ bags. I have to turn it off at night or I overheat in the 20⁰ trailer. A guy who grew up on a mining claim in NW Territory told me about Wiggy bags. I lived in AK for years and figured he knew what he was talking about. I bought the Arctic bag with what was left of the money.

Jane in the mountains

Considering the number of Wiggy bags Jane owns I wonder the need for an electric blanket. Maybe when the blanket gets warm, she knows she has electricity that would mean the water pump is working, isn’t electricity wonderful when you have it.

Anyway I am certainly glad Jane has Wiggy’s bags.

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