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Dear Jerry,

I am a 65 year old fella who has spent a lot of time outdoors in a variety of settings and seasons. Having survived and endured years as a Boy Scout and later a Scout leader myself dressed in cotton socks and long johns. The common thread has always been cold, cold, cold. Then I literally stumbled across your website. I listened with an open mind having had no luck with the other very expense brands.

Just before Christmas this year I received your mesh long johns and short socks. I've not been out of them since their arrival. I live in the central valley of California which is quite temperate. When it gets to 55 degrees or cooler and my activities take me outside I am miserable. Having a wet performance t-shirt laying against my skin waiting for my body heat to dry out the material just wasn't cutting it. But no more my friend. You and your know how have now led me to wonderful snowshoeing trip in the sierra's just last week in total comfort and I'm now expanding my outdoor horizons in all weather.

As a consumer in today's world I find you to be a breath of fresh air. Your straight forward tell it like it is attitude about your products. Exposure of the shortcomings of other larger corporation’s products and their prices. America used to be filled with guys like you but it seems that ship has sailed.

Best of luck in all your pursuits Jerry.

Steve Hill

p.s. Be calling in new order tomorrowTeam Wiggy's


Wanted to thank you for your great service mailing a liner vest to Korea for my wife.

She is thrilled with the way this vest performs when worn under the utility uniform blouse (shirt). It was -1F yesterday evening and -6F this morning, and she reported being warmer than ever compared to using Army issued cold weather gear. If only the big Army would buy quality gear instead of the overpriced "breathable" products they provide to the troops! I sure wish I had known about Wiggy's gear when I was still on active duty; I would have been a lot more comfortable in Afghanistan.

Thanks again for a product that performs as advertised, and taking the extra effort to ship overseas!


I have been discussing the poor quality chopped staple fiberfill being used by most of the fancy brand name marketing companies these days.I have also noted the small quilt spaces that they have created in their jackets are so small that they cannot put much insulation in them and of course the exorbitant amount of stitches are all, each and every one a cold spot.

Now for the introduction of conductive heat loss that occurs with these light weight heavily quilted garments. The marketers claim that they are close fitting to reduce heat loss, North Face claims on their hang tag “jackets are fit close to the body”.The human body produces heat and that heat is transferred from the skin surface to the layer of clothing touching the skin surface. The next layer of clothing which maybe the jacket is now subject to receiving the heat from the layer of clothing under it. The movement of the heat from the skin surface to the materials covering it is conduction. Heat always moves to cold. The end result of this movement of heat is known as conductive heat loss.Of course the best and only way to stop the process is to wear my fishnet underwear. It creates a space between the skin surface and the next layer of clothing. Therefore the heat your body is generating is trapped right there and it the heat that is will drive the moisture (vapor) away from you. I am a testimonial of this process at work; see me on my horse when I was lost, on the web site.

I have periodically said that these garments would perform very well in Key West, Florida and they will. The temperature in Key West is high enough to cause one to perspire so wearing these garments will actually cool you by conduction that is by conducting the heat away from you. Of course if you happen to be in a cold region such as North Dakota wearing this same jacket the same process takes place only much faster so you experience being cold very quickly.

Have you ever heard the name Gerry Cunningham (?) if not he was the originator of Gerry Products located in Denver, Colorado. I consider him the grandfather of the outdoor industry. He made backpacks, tents, sleeping bags and parkas. He was a medic during World War 2 and using his knowledge of the human body wrote a booklet “HOW TO KEEP WARM”. I have two copies and have used them as reference over the years. One thing that is constant is his continued reference to the importance of ventilating which is what one does when they wear fishnet clothing. He also has temperature charts showing the number of inches of insulation that is necessary for different temperatures. They start out accurate for sleeping bags with one inch over your body for 50 degrees and as you go lower he is at 4 inches over your body at -60 degrees. That figure is not accurate in my opinion it should be between 6 and 8 inches over the body. As for clothing he starts at about ½ inch with temperatures of 10 degrees if the work is heavy and the thickness gets greater if the work or movement is less. He also states the assumption surrounding metabolic rate as well.

As you can see the need to get rid of body produced moisture was not started by me, it was what I learned from Gerry. Gerry was long gone from the business (retired) before I came along as a manufacturer so all he used was down but I am sure he would have been a Lamilite customer had he still been the owner of Gerry Products. He did use my Nautilus bags on his sail boat located in the Sea of Cortez off the cost of San Carlos. So we also had that in common.

I will be making a video shortly, it will possibly be on the You Tube site this weekend.

Last newsletter/commentary for the year.



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